Become a Dropshipper

01 How to Become a Sup Dropshipping User

To become a dropshipper on Sup Dropshipping is quite easy. Follow the steps to become a dropshipper on Sup Dropshipping.

Step 1: Register

Click on Register on the home page.

Step 2: Input Personal Information

Input your User Name, First Name, Last Name, and Phone number.

Step 3: Congratulations.

Congratulations! You are a dropshipper on Sup Dropshipping now,

Step 4: Verify

After registering, you need to verify your account as well. Click on Verify Email on the home page.

02 Connect Store

Take Shopify as an example, after establishing a Shopify store, please connect your Shopify store with Sup firstly in order to fulfill your orders.

Go to the Dashboard > My Sup > Authorization

Find " Shopify " and click the "Add Store" button. Go ahead and finish all steps with our prompts.

03 Source Products

There are three methods to help you to find the products you want.

Sourcing products 1 : Post sourcing request

Click Find product>> Sourcing Product, then click the “Post sourcing request” button.

After submitting the request, you’ll find the sourcing list in pending status, we will assign an agent to you for help.

Sourcing products step 2: Store Existing Product

Choose the product from your store, click submit, shortly, we’ll send the best quotes to you.

Sourcing products 3: Souce from 1688

Go to My Sup > Import from 1688> Submit link or keywords to get more options.

Image research engine is powerful and it will bring you quite a lot of quotations for you to choose.

04 Order management

List or Connect our products in your store, and don't forget to set profit margins. Once orders were placed by your customers, Sup dropshipping deal with all the rest for you!

Go to the Dashboard My Sup>Click List or Connection.

It is rather easy to complete the order connection between Sup and your store.

More detailed steps and Logistics issue can be found in our “Help Center”

Now It 's time to start a remarkable business with Sup!!

Enjoy Sup Dropshipping, and if any problem please feel free to contact us.