Beginner Tips For Working With Chinese Suppliers

Dropshipping is essentially the concept of buying goods from a third party and shipping them directly to customers. Dropshippers make benefit from the price difference in the product.

Therefore, it is natural to find a reliable supplier as well as a business. If you make a wrong move, you could lose a lot of money.

Before working with Chinese suppliers, we’ve extracted eight points you might want to master. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Store Reputation

The first tip is that if your goal is to find vendors on Alibaba, be sure to check their profiles.

You should check their opening hours, their verification, etc. Often, stores with poor reputations cannot last more than two years in the industry.

Often, the brand or product verified by the site itself has a good reputation.

Prices on products are notoriously inaccurate. Manufacturers use this tactic to attract you. The prices you see are those they offer for sizable minimum orders. Also, the processing time can be scary.

Discuss specific prices with the manufacturer to filter your options.

Catalog Investigation

One research you can do with suppliers is to check their company names and directories.
First, the company name always consists of the place of incorporation, the company name, the lead product, and the partner type.

Second, check the store catalog. If you find a store that contains a large number of unrelated products, they are probably a middleman rather than a manufacturer.

Many suppliers are trying to profit from the industry, making money without any input. Identify them and work with them discreetly.

Compare Platforms

There are several major platforms where you can find vendors like Alibaba, Taobao, and 1688.

Alibaba’s suppliers can ship goods directly to countries around the world. But if you want to get a good price, you need to meet their minimum order.

1688 is a domestic supplier platform in China. Most of Taobao’s products come from 1688, arguably the most cost-effective shopping platform.

However, most of the 1,688 suppliers are unable to strike global deals. As part of the business, the small workshops and factories usually only focus on productions, and do not have the scale and ability to send products abroad, or seek international buyers online.

As I mentioned, most of the prices listed can be inaccurate; moreover, the inventory displayed on 1688 and Taobao may not be correct. While an item page might show sufficient inventory, the supplier might have only a few dozen items ready in storage, or already out of stock.

In case of these situations, you need to communicate with customer service about the exact quantity of inventory.

Many foreign sellers choose to source their products all by themselves, and make purchase orders without any pre-notice to suppliers. As a result, this may lead to countless misunderstandings.

Chinese suppliers mostly communicate in Mandarin with domestic buyers, and are vague on English, especially in spoken English. In order to avoid misunderstandings that may lead to your economic loss, it is suggested to communicate through an agent or agency.

Tradeshow Experience

You must validate vendors before working with them. In the long run, you want to make sure they can provide you with solid, well-made products.

There are several ways to prove that a supplier is trustworthy. Most dropshippers check to see if they have trade show experience.

Attending trade shows requires funds, resources, scale, and stability, especially if the trade show they are attending is the Canton Fair. However, as the entrance qualification is limited, most suppliers may have never been to a trade show, which does not immediately put them in a problematic position.

If this is the case, you can investigate other information about your suppliers, such as their manufacturing experience, price, and product quality. The exhibition experience can be crucial, while not a decisive factor.

The Quality Inspection

All the pictures provided by the manufacturer are overtouched. To make matters worse, some people may use copyrighted photos in their products. As a result, this makes our attempts to find the right product more difficult. It is recommended that you ask the supplier to take photos and videos so that you can view the product from multiple angles.

After you decide on your favorite manufacturer, you want to work with them. Quality inspection is the safest option. Sellers who want to really understand the quality of a product are also recommended to buy several samples for comparison and choose the best fit for your needs. Make sure to use the exact colors you see in the photos.

If you choose SupDropshipping as your purchasing agent, we can get samples of your goods and send a video of the sample inspection within two to three days.

Choose Products with Multiple Manufactures

Avoid choosing products made by only a few manufacturers. Make sure to find more than one supplier for each of your products, in case any of your suppliers is out of stock, goes out of business, or stops working with you, and you have got no backup plan.

It would be a great loss if you were to place an order in this case, and you could not fulfill it in this emergency.

In addition, choosing products from different suppliers puts you in a better position, and you can eliminate higher-priced or lower-quality suppliers.

Sign Your Contract Circumspectly

I shouldn’t be the one whining about the importance of signing contracts, whether legal or commercial, that require discretion — double-checking any improvements that aren’t discussed.

Most Chinese suppliers require a down payment. It is recommended to complete online transactions through third parties such as 1688, Alibaba, or PayPal.

Some vendors might express the idea of using e-wire transport, which would put Dropshippers in a bind. Once you make a transfer via e-Wire, you cannot undo it. Even if the product does not meet your standards, it is difficult to get a refund from the supplier.

Recruit Sourcing Agent

Suppose you are swamped by the information already. You can consistently recruit a sourcing agent for help. A Chinese agent is a much better choice for communicating matters. To help you narrate suppliers, do sample inspections, and draft contracts.

A Dropshipper only needs to select the products they want, check the samples and review the contract.

Suppose you are looking for a reliable sourcing agent for all these complications and have trouble finding one. We can offer help at SupDropshipping. To help you decide suppliers among dozens of choices, reassuring quality inspections and helping you communicate.

Reassuring quality inspections and helping you communicate.

Final Thoughts

Finding the correct supplier for your needs is a difficult undertaking.

You’ll have to put in a lot of effort and time. But it’ll all be worth it once you locate the proper one for your business.

SupDropshipping would gladly assist you if you are still having trouble choosing the correct supplier.

Contact us today and let’s work together to build a successful business.

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