Free Dropshipping: How to Dropship with No Money (The Ultimate FAQ Guide)

Do you feel like you have a successful product idea that you can sell quickly, but you don’t have the money to start a business?

What if I told you that with the free consignment model, you could do it for free? Yes, you heard me right! The initial idea of consignment is to have no physical contact with the product you are selling.

Of course, shippers today will pay for all sorts of fancy tools to improve their business. All these things aside, free direct selling as a model is possible and realistic.

But how to deliver goods without money? Let’s find out!

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    What Is Free Dropshipping?

    Free dropshipping is the practice of dropship single orders to end customers without keeping any inventory or ever being in touch with the physical products.

    With different dropshipping models out there, some of them require a specific upfront investment. For example, if you buy in bulk and sell private label products.

    it’s possible to start dropshipping with no money as a beginner.

    You have to follow these three principles to dropship with no money:

    • Order single items only after they’re purchased;
    • Use a free dropshipping website such as AliExpress;
    • Use free services, platforms, tools, and plugins to create your online store, import products, do product fulfillment, etc.;

    So, let’s see exactly how to start your free dropshipping business.

    How to Dropship with No Money?

    All you need to start your free Dropshipping is to create a free online store, find a free supplier that agrees to ship the product for you, import the product listing from a free website such as AliExpress, and set your price.

    You’ll have the money to place an order with your supplier and get the product delivered to your end customer once someone orders and pays for the product. That’s the best way for beginners to start dropshipping with no money.

    Don’t ignore or forget the part that marketing plays in the sales of your online store. You might need to invest some dollars into bringing customers to your eCommerce platform.

    Let’s see how with an example of one way in which you can test your dropshipping abilities with almost no money:

    Step 1: Choose a Hosting

    Go to Bluehost and choose their WordPress Hosting Basic Plan.

    Step 2: Choose a Domain

    The above-mentioned hosting plan comes with a free 1-year domain and a free SSL Certificate to make your store secure.

    Step 3: Install WordPress

    Luckily, the WordPress Hosting from Bluehost comes with an automatic WordPress installation of the latest version available.

    Step 4: Install the WooCommerce Plugin

    Now that your WordPress website is up and running, it’s time to turn it into an eCommerce store. The best way to do this for free is to download the WooCommerce free plugin.

    Step 5: Choose a Free Theme

    Choose a free theme that suits your product the most, there are many free eCommerce themes to choose from suitable for WordPress + WooCommerce shops then you’re good to go.

    Step 6: Install Other Supporting Plugins and Apps

    Install Yoast SEO to ensure your website content will make Google happy! Furthermore, install other free dropshipping apps such as Zendesk Chat, Checkout Manager for WooCommerce, etc.

    There are many free WordPress or WooCommerce plugins for live chat, checkout, payment processing, SEO, testimonials, and many more!

    Step 7: Import Product Listings

    Go to AliExpress, choose a product you plan to resell, and import the listing to your new WooCommerce shop with the help of DSM Tool or a similar free dropshipping tool.

    Step 8: Start Marketing and Advertising

    Many drop shippers tend to fail this part without spending any money.

    Although you have an entire setup that allows you to dropship for free, you still need to find a way to make sales.

    We’re talking dropshipping with no money but paid marketing is the easiest and fastest way to bring traffic to your online store. So, you have to find ways to attract traffic to your store organically.

    Step 9: Place an Order to Your Seller

    You now have the funds to place an order with your seller and ask them to ship to your customers after you have your first order and payment.

    Step 10: Follow Up and Stay Available

    Customer satisfaction can be challenging to maintain When you’re dropshipping products that you’ve never actually seen or gotten in touch with. That’s because there are so many things out of your control, such as shipping times, product quality, etc.

    For this reason, you or your dropshipping agent must track the orders and keep an open line of communication with your customers.

    What Are the Best Free Dropshipping Suppliers?

    The best free dropshipping suppliers are on free dropshipping websites such as AliExpress, SupDropshipping, etc…

    Another great option is product sourcing from the free dropshipping websites or Taobao – both with very affordable prices. These websites are entirely in Chinese, so you’ll need the help of a local dropshipping agent.

    How to Create your Free Dropshipping Store?

    The better option is to use WordPress to build a website, which is completely free, plus download the free WooCommerce plugin because some eCommerce platforms, such as Square Online or Weebly, will allow you to create a free dropshipping store with unlimited products but they do charge a 2.9% transaction fee. In theory, like this, you can get a free dropshipping store.

    You will need to pay for the hosting and domain of your website. Bluehost or similar hosting services, plus GoDaddy for purchasing a domain, should be the most affordable option.

    All in one, you can get started for less than $5 a month!

    If you’re interested in testing out a product for a couple of days for free, you can even take advantage of Shopify’s 14-day-free trial and start dropshipping with no money!

    How to Drop Ship for Free with AliExpress?

    As a B2C marketplace, AliExpress doesn’t have high MOQs, which means you can ship individual orders. That’s a good reason why AliExpress is the number one eCommerce marketplace of choice for fresh drop shippers.

    As a buyer, AliExpress is entirely free to sign up, use, and buy from. Of course, some products will have free shipping to your customers while others won’t.

    Most AliExpress sellers and suppliers will have no problem shipping to your end-consumer and merely removing the invoice from the package (or even place your own instead).

    You can still attract your customers by offering a free shipping option and add the shipping price to the base product price. Of course, this means that the product will become slightly more expensive.

    It’s worth noting that If you already have a Shopify store, you can use the free version of Oberlo to import up to 500 product listings from AliExpress and start dropshipping for free.

    Product sourcing from AliExpress will always be free, regardless of the eCommerce platform you use for your online store.

    Can a Dropshipping Agent Help Me Find Free Dropshipping Suppliers?

    A good product sourcing agent or dropshipping agent should be able to help you find dropshipping suppliers on free websites or marketplaces. So the answer is yes.

    For example, SupDropshipping is a well-known product sourcing and dropshipping agent in China that sources products from 1688, Taobao, etc.

    Various agents in China might specialize in different product niches, so get in touch and ask everything you want to know before agreeing to collaborate.

    Another thing to ask your dropshipping agent is where they have warehouses or fulfillment centers. Collaborating with a dropshipping agent with warehouses in the US will immensely shorten shipping times.

    Are There Some Good Free Dropshipping Courses or Guides?

    You’ll need to do your research and keep up with the latest changes If you’re a beginner in the dropshipping industry,

    You can check out the Dropshipping blog section on the SupDropshipping website to learn the basics of free dropshipping.

    Another good idea is to look everything up on YouTube. There, you can find all types of beginner guides and tutorials on free dropshipping.

    If You Dropship with No Money, How to Offer Free Shipping?

    How to offer free shipping to customers with no money to spend upfront? What if you want to start dropshipping for free, but you can’t find a product with free shipping?

    Drop shippers usually add the shipping price to the base price of the product so that they’re able to offer free shipping to end-consumers.

    That means that you’ll sell your product slightly more expensive to be able to cover the shipping cost that you’ll inevitably pay.

    Using this way, you can make your product more attractive by offering free shipping.

    Can I Dropship White Label Products or Private Label for Free?

    Dropshipping a private label product entails having it first produced with your label. Regardless if a drop shipper or a manufacturer will help you private label the product, it’s always going to have a higher MOQ.

    The high MOQ for private label products is because an entire production line has to run to manufacture your product precisely as you want it.

    In the case of white labeling, when you’re just adding your custom packaging, invoice or tags, you might have a lower MOQ, but you’ll still need to order more than one product.

    When you consider all of that, it’s easy to see why it’s so tricky to dropship private label or white label products for free.

    On top of that, to private-label a product and have a one-product store, you have first to ensure that the product will sell. Otherwise, you’re risking losing your entire upfront investment for production and purchasing the products from the manufacturer.

    And if all of that’s not enough, bulk orders also mean inventory storage costs, which is not something you want as a beginner.

    The best thing you can do if you’re new to the dropshipping industry is to start free dropshipping from AliExpress or similar free websites and leave private labeling for later when you’re ready to scale.

    What’s the Difference Between Wholesale and Free Dropshipping?

    The main difference lies in the fact that wholesalers buy in bulk and need to find an inventory storage solution for their bulk orders. So, to start a wholesale business, you will need a specific monetary investment.

    Then, from the warehouse where the order is stored, they will start reselling. Wholesalers can do that on their own or with the help of a dropshipping agent with a worldwide fulfillment center.

    On the other hand, a drop shipper can practice the model of free dropshipping since they’re not ordering in bulk and don’t need warehousing.

    Are There Free Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA?

    Some of the best free dropshipping suppliers in the USA are SupDropshipping (they have warehouses in the US), Modalyst (free for up to 25 products), Syncee (free for max.25 products), Crov (1 store, up to 500 products), Merchmixer, etc.

    Furthermore, if you’re looking for free dropshipping suppliers in the USA, websites like AliExpress and Banggood can also help.

    Of course, the suppliers there are mainly from China. However, more and more sellers have recognized the need to have warehouses in the US, so they’ve done exactly that! So, don’t forget to check them out!

    What Are the Best Free Dropshipping Suppliers for a Shopify Store?

    You can find some of the best free dropshipping suppliers for your Shopify store on AliExpress, Oberlo, SupDropshipping, Made-in-China, Modalyst, Global sources, etc.

    What Are the Best Free Dropshipping Apps for Shopify?

    Some of the best dropshipping apps that will allow you to import products to your Shopify store are SupDropshipping, Oberlo, etc.

    How can i Create a Free Dropshipping Store Using WordPress?

    It may require some technical knowledge, but with the help of free WooCommerce themes, you can circle that issue. But Shopify’s drag-and-drop builder sounds like a dream, it does cost something. So, the next best thing is to build a free WordPress + WooCommerce online store.

    You’ll need to head over to for a website or to Bluehost to choose their Basic WordPress Hosting plan and get WordPress installed automatically.

    Choose a free domain that comes with the Bluehost + WordPress package, install the free WooCommerce plugin, choose a free theme, and you’re good to go!

    Once you have your eCommerce shop up and running, it’s time to start importing products from AliExpress or similar free dropshipping websites.

    Are There Some Free Dropshipping Plugins for WordPress?

    There are many WordPress plugins you can use. Another free way to import your product listings is by uploading a CSV file to your online store.

    Other free WordPress plugins that could upgrade the functions or appearance of your eCommerce store are the following:

    • Zendesk Chat,
    • Live Sales Notification,
    • Beeketing for WooCommerce,
    • with Customer Reviews for WooCommerce,
    • WooCommerce Image Zoom,
    • Checkout Manager for Woocommerce,
    • WP Amazon Shop for Dropshippers,
    • TI WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin, etc.

    Final Thoughts

    Now that you know how to dropship with no money, hopefully, you can start your own eCommerce business and start searching for your winning product.

    Hopefully, our ultimate FAQ guide on free dropshipping has shown you how to start. Once you find your best-seller, you can quickly scale and invest. Until then, start dropshipping with no money!

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