Use China Platforms for Purchase – Alibaba, AliExpress, Taobao, 1688

Customers are realizing that buying goods on Chinese platforms is far cheaper than in the US.

For example, consider a plate. In the US, the same design costs $25, while in China it costs just $2.99.

But the high shipping costs, as well as the fear of being scammed or having after-sales problems, have kept us from ordering from China.

Also, as a Dropshipper, it’s hard to find the right product.

In that case, you might want to read this article before setting sail. I will provide a complete tutorial on buying from Chinese shopping websites.

Let’s get started!

The Differences between AliExpress, 1688, Taobao, and Alibaba

Alibaba has four leading websites, and AliExpress in English, and in Chinese, each with slightly different functions. We’ll sort them out today.

Alibaba has a history of helping suppliers service their products and serving buyers on a global scale.

Many of them are in the direct shipping business and have a variety of free tools that help them find the products they need quickly and efficiently at the lowest possible price.

It has more than 50 million products in more than 40 focus categories. Focus on things made in China like clothes and mobile phones.

These goods can be bought directly from the manufacturer at a substantial discount.

Buyers from more than 90 countries visit the site every year.

Aliexpress is Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce platform for the international market. It is called “international Taobao” by the majority of sellers.

Aliexpress and Taobao are mainly customer-facing retail platforms. Although there are wholesale suppliers, but only a few.

On the other hand, 1688 and Alibaba are better suited for wholesale search /Dropshipping vendor search. Because the store’s primary task is to look for business opportunities.

The main difference between Alibaba /1688 and AliExpress/Taobao is that the former specializes in B2B wholesale transactions directly from manufacturers.

The latter are also open to consumers and sell individual items or products in small quantities.

To get a sense of the difference, here’s the chart we created to explain the difference:

AliExpress has a history of offering cheaper products than Amazon and other similar sites. Because these products are manufactured in China and shipped directly from China.

The freight of AliExpress is usually very cheap; they provide a transportation service of AliExpress standard transportation.

Think this is valuable, because it may require items that do not need to be sought.

Methods to Buy Stuff from China Platforms

Whether you are an individual buyer or an affiliate, there are standard rules you can follow to make purchases on these platforms.

There are countless products to choose from on these sites.

The main purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to make the right choice instead of cheating on inferior products.

I should also mention that buying big brands on platforms like Apple or Gucci is not recommended.

Big companies like them have their own market. They have different pricing and sales strategies for other countries.

Even if they are made in China, you won’t get a reasonable price for buying in bulk; however, your risk of being scammed is very high.

For those who purchase for personal interest, you must also be aware that it is almost impossible to return goods due to international trade.

In most cases, part of the refund.

1. Search Products with Images

One feature that has been well received on these sites is image search.

If you have difficulties in the translation process and cannot find the right product. Simply search its image – once you’re done exploring, write down its keywords in Mandarin for further reference.

2. Using WeChat

If you are looking for long-term cooperation with a supplier, it is recommended to communicate through WeChat.

Customer service within the platform can be delayed and inefficient. However, Chinese people use WeChat to communicate almost 24/7.

3. Web Translating

If you shop on Taobao and 1688, the first difficulty you will encounter is the language barrier.

To fully translate a web page, you can use Google’s online translation tool.

Although the quality of translation is not satisfactory, to say the least. But it can at least give an idea.

It provides an official language choice for the Web UI but does not translate the name or details of the product.

4. Use Chinese for Keyword Searching

Always remember to use Chinese keywords when searching for items on these two China-based sites.

For example, paste “上衣” instead of “tops” for the all-inclusive option.

1688 and Taobao don’t target foreign customers, so English search results may be limited. The reverse is also true for Amazon.

5. Verify Suppliers

There are two types of suppliers on Alibaba. One is Gold, and the other is Verified.

It is definitely suggested to choose a verified supplier if you want to ensure the product. It is considered a higher rank in comparison to the Gold rank.

To get this badge, they will have to go through a third-party audit.

They also need to pay at least $10,000 per year to maintain this verification. The same rule goes for other platforms as well, although the hierarchy is different.

In Conslusion

These are the main things to look out for when buying from Chinese websites.

If you are still unable to purchase on these sites, please feel free to contact us.

We are an experienced team and can find the right item according to your requirements.

SupDropshipping saves you time and effort by helping you make purchases through these sites after selecting marketing content.

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