20 22mm Seamaster Speedmaster Series Arc Silicone Watch Strap

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1. How to prevent the metal bracelet from breaking: General metal bracelets have the design and special technical treatment, which is generally unlikely to occur. When wearing it daily, you need to pay attention to try not to let the love watch be hit or bumped by external forces.

2. Regarding the problem of gray stains formed after sweating on the steel watchband daily: the gray stains formed after sweating on the steel watchband daily are actually the sweat mixed with dust adhering to the watch, and it can be cleaned.

3. Whether the metal bracelet also needs regular maintenance and repair: If it is worn for a long time and the wear is serious, professional maintenance and maintenance are required. At this time, it is necessary to check the links between the bracelets. If the wear is serious and the connection function is affected, the parts need to be replaced, and the technical treatment of the falling off of the connecting screws is also required.

4. Whether the metal strap can be operated to increase or decrease the chain links: It is not recommended to operate by yourself, mainly for the following three reasons: lack of professional tools and equipment; second, special anti-dropping technology treatment is required for the connecting parts during operation; Third, without professional skills training, if the watch chain is scratched, it is easy to cause the watch to fall off during daily wear.

5. Recommendations for wearing and maintaining metal straps: When wearing metal watches daily, you should keep away from corrosive liquids; Please check and repair in time.

6. About the treatment of dust accumulation in the gap of the bracelet: In order to prevent dust accumulation, you should pay attention to daily cleaning when wearing the watch. For example, it is recommended to take off the watch when exercising for a long time, and the bracelet is exposed to sweat and dust. If the bracelet is stained, please clean it with a toothbrush after confirming that the waterproof function of the watch is in good condition.

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