2021 Europe And The United States New Small Frame Sunglasses Ins Personalized Square Sunglasses Fashion Cross-border Ocean Piece Sunglasses

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Price Updated on June 27, 2022
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1.Specify the requirements.
Please know as much as possible about the product before taking the photo. If there is anything unclear, please leave a message and ask, and the customer service will reply to you as soon as possible. When buying, please indicate which color it is in the " message to the seller " !
2. Sufficient supply.
There are enough babies in our store, you can take pictures with confidence. Temporarily out of stock will be indicated on the baby display map. If there is an occasional out of stock phenomenon and it is too late to update, our store will contact the buyer in a short time and negotiate a solution. Please also understand.
3. The problem of chromatic aberration.
The products in this store are all taken in kind, and there may be a slight color difference due to technical, display, light, and environmental reasons. This is a normal phenomenon. Please understand that buyers who are highly sensitive to color difference should go to the physical store to try them on before taking pictures.
4. Return and exchange processing.
When the buyer receives the goods, please check the goods carefully within 10 days. If there are quality problems with broken frames, peeling, or large scratches on the lenses, you can contact the customer service to return the goods. If it exceeds 10 days, the store will not accept returns. Because it is wholesale from manufacturers, we cannot guarantee that each product is in good condition, and there are small defects. We do not accept returns and exchanges, and hope for understanding! We reject middlemen and let profits really return to consumers!
5. Instructions for receipt
When you receive the package, please do not rush to sign the receipt, please be sure to open it in front of the courier to inspect the goods on the spot, if the baby is damaged or the quantity is lacking, please reject it! And contact the shopkeeper on the spot (the contact number is on the express list). Once you sign, it means that you recognize the quantity, content and integrity of the goods, and the shopkeeper will not be able to claim for the buyers from the express company! Please also forgive us that the store will no longer bear the loss caused by the inconsistency, lack or damage of the goods! If you have any questions after receiving the item, please contact us in time! The shopkeeper works with the buyer to solve the problem. I wish buyers a happy shopping in our store!

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