2022 New Retro Crown Bridal Headdress Luxury Atmosphere Semicircle Crown Super Fairy Temperament Wedding Accessories

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Price Updated on June 16, 2022
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Company homepage: https://lanque188.1688.com


1. Regarding how many batches, do you support mixed batches? Is there a limit on the amount? How to calculate the shipping cost?
Answer: All products can be in accordance with the above starting batch, the amount is not limited, supports mixed batches, and supports Alipay transactions! We have stated the weight for each product, and the shipping fee will be calculated automatically when shooting. If you have any questions, please contact customer service in time

2. Are the products on the shelves available? What if it's out of stock?
Answer: All our products are sold in stock, and the items that can be photographed on the page are in stock, please rest assured to buy. Due to the large variety of products, the daily sales volume is large, and individual products are not off the shelves in time and cause out of stock. Please understand that we will contact you and get in touch with you by phone or message.

3. Can I choose the style and color of the product?
Answer: When the product is on the shelf, it has been set whether you can choose the style and color. Please browse the page to know. If you have any special needs, please indicate in the remarks request. We will try our best to do it according to your needs. , But if there is a lack of style, I can only send it to you randomly! Please forgive me!

4. I don't have Alipay, can I make a bank transfer?
Answer: We recommend using Alipay. It is also convenient for future purchases. It is really inconvenient to accept bank transfers. Please take a picture of the baby and note the bank transfer before remittance, so that we can give you when the goods will be shipped as soon as possible after receiving the payment. Please contact us with your Alibaba account number, remittance bank and amount through Want Want or your mobile phone, and we will arrange the shipment after checking the payment and verifying that the goods are correct.

5. Please do not arbitrarily give answers to the negative comments: whether you encounter service or product quality problems, as long as you contact our after-sales service, we will definitely help you solve them objectively and will not evade any responsibility. It will not help both buyers and sellers at every turn. We hope that we can keep every friend who likes this product, solve your actual problems, and improve our service level. We hope that every customer, All have a pleasant online shopping experience!

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