A3 Thermal Transfer Paper Clothing Printing Digital Printing Quick-drying Pink Sublimation Paper 100G

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Product introduction ( relative air temperature for sublimation paper: 50-70%RH )
Brand: Mo Song / MJH
Product name: Flat sheet A3 heat transfer sublimation roll 100g
Number of sheets per pack: 100 sheets
Style number: MJH16190629SUB0301
Color: pink
Packing: inner film, outer carton.
Scope of application: chemical fiber, polyester, blended fabrics containing less than 40% cotton, and coated glass, ceramics, metals, etc.
Specifications of this product: 297*420MM
Applicable ink: thermal transfer ink/sublimation ink

One: Instructions for use

1. Pattern printing: printing equipment
2. Desktop inkjet printer or laser printer.
3. Output pictures in normal mode.
4. Choose heavyweight matte paper for paper.
5. Selection of ink jet volume 2.2
6. Color adjustment.
7. In normal mode, generally choose photo printing effect
8. Print the front side of the pattern on the dark side of the transfer paper. (Note: No need for mirroring, that is, the side with the film) to print a beautiful pattern.
9. After printing, let it dry naturally.

Two: transfer method
1. Set the temperature of the transfer machine at 140°C, press lightly for 10 seconds (note: different machines have different times, please debug first).
2. After the ink is completely dry. Cut off the parts you don't need. Don't let the white edge show unless you want to keep it.
3. Turn the transferred pattern face up. As for the position of the clothes you want to transfer. Cover with matching greased paper or high temperature cloth (reusable).
4. When the transfer time is completed, take off the high cloth temperature and the cover cloth.

Three: Precautions for washing strips
1. Generally, please wash it 24 hours after the transfer is completed.
2. Do not use strong cleaning products such as bleaching.
3. Use the water temperature below 30 degrees or cold water to wash the single piece. try not to use
4. Do not soak before washing. Cool immediately after dehydration.

Color distinction of the bottom surface of A4 sublimation paper

Introduction of roll sublimation paper
Wide-format inkjet printers: Epson (Epson); Roland (Roland), Mutoh (Mutoh), Mimaki and other inkjet printers.

Factory direct sales of thermal transfer dark transfer paper, thermal transfer light color transfer paper, thermal sublimation paper, thermal sublimation ink, thermal sublimation fixing agent, thermal transfer machine heat press machine, thermal drilling machine, thermal sublimation transfer consumables

 Common specifications are: A3 .0.61M/0.914M/1.3M/1.5M/1.6M

When placing an order, please note your width and size or contact customer service

Product name: Thermal transfer roll paper/sublimation roll paper

Specifications of this product: A3 0.297 meters wide (50 meters long)

Length: 30M/50M/100m/roll

Product packaging: inner film, outer carton.

The reel is complete in specifications, with a maximum width of 2400mm.

Common specifications are: 240mm, 320mm, 420mm, 450mm, 510mm, 610mm, 700mm, 750mm, 800m, 850mm, 914mm, 980mm, 1080mm, 1118mm, 1200mm, 1300mm, 1400mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, 2400mm, if you need special specifications, you can customize .
Gram weight: 100g/m2±2%
Length: 100m/roll

Sublimation transfer paper scene 21
Sublimation transfer paper scene 18   

The use of sublimation transfer paper:
1. Scope of application: chemical fiber, polyester, blended fabrics containing less than 40% cotton, and coated glass, ceramics, metals, etc.
2. Storage conditions: waterproof, fireproof, avoid strong light (pay attention to sealing when not in use)
3. Printer suitable for the product

Ordinary inkjet printer: Ep 1390 R2000 1400 1410 C65, 830u, R210, R310, R800, 1520K, EX3, 1290, 2100, Lenovo: CJ100, etc. Wide format inkjet printer: Ep 7880, 9880, 7450, 9450, 9910, 11880 ; Roland (Roland), Mutoh (Mutoh), Mimaki, etc. Roland (Roland), Mutoh (Mutoh), Mimaki and other inkjet printers.

The use of heat transfer paper

Dye sublimation transfer printing is to use an inkjet printer equipped with thermal transfer ink to print pictures and texts such as portraits, landscapes, and text on thermal sublimation transfer paper in a mirror-reversed manner, and then heat it to about 200 ° C through thermal transfer equipment. , the thermal transfer ink on the sublimation paper will penetrate into the substrate in the form of vaporization, so that the color of the image on the paper will be realistically transferred to textiles, porcelain cups, porcelain plates, porcelain plates, metal and other materials. a new process

1. Sublimation transfer ink to be used in pattern printing and printing equipment :
Be sure to use sublimation transfer ink. This kind of ink made of disperse dyes will sublimate at the transfer temperature and dye the substrate. Good quality sublimation ink should not block the nozzle, with vivid color and good stability.
To adjust the appropriate color density:
Adjust the density of the color in the computer to avoid the situation that the ink is too much and not easy to dry. After the adjustment, you need to check the thermal transfer effect. Cup heat transfer effect
Dye sublimation comparison 1
Sublimation transfer paper scene 9

Sublimation transfer paper scene 10

Sublimation transfer paper scene 13

1. EPSON desktop printer.
2. Use sublimation ink for transfer printing.
3. Output pictures in CMYK mode.
4. Choose heavyweight matte paper for paper.
5. Selection of ink jet volume 2.2
6. Color adjustment.
7. In normal mode, generally choose good printing effect.
8. Print the pattern mirror image on the smooth surface of the transfer paper. (Mirror print pattern)
9. After printing, let it dry naturally.
Second, the transfer method:
1. Cut out the print pattern and keep a white margin of 3-5MM on the edge of the print pattern to prevent ink from overflowing.
2. Keep the object clean and tidy before transfer.
3. Suitable for coated objects and chemical fiber, less cotton fabrics. Do not transfer on clothing or black (dark) clothing.
4. Place the garment to be transferred onto the working platform of the heat press machine. Use 190°C and 25--28 seconds, transfer coating cups, coating discs, and other items use 220°C and time 100-130 seconds. Different items set different time and temperature. Please debug different machines according to temperature and time.
5. The pressure of the machine is slightly larger. Put the imported original transfer paper tape on your hand and place it on the position where the garment is to be transferred. Start the transfer.
6. After ironing. Remove the backing paper and you are done.

Sublimation transfer paper scene 10


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