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1. Alibaba is a wholesale market, all products do not support retail, please do not take orders for retail customers, those who take orders by themselves have no after-sales service, and do not support returns; the default delivery is neutral products, in order to meet the requirements of most customers, packaging There is no brand logo, manufacturer address, manufacturer and other information on the website. For branded products and customized products, please contact online customer service.


2. The product has Chinese/English version and multi-language manual, and can provide Chinese/English version (please consult customer service for other languages) white background main picture and detailed picture, appearance patent and CE, ROHS, FCC and other international certifications, our company Support OEM gifts and OEM customization, ODM product design and development, and provide high-quality products and services for major cross-border e-commerce and traders.


3. On behalf of customers, please sell in strict accordance with the market guide price stipulated by our factory. Once found, our factory will make a complaint through patents and intellectual property rights of pictures, and cancel the qualification of the agency. Thank you for your support!


4. Quality assurance, the product supports 7-day return and exchange for quality problems, 15-day replacement and 365-day warranty, and the return freight is paid once each. Please understand that OEM/ODM and other customized products do not support returns.


5. Considering the convenience of customer cost accounting, the price of all products in this store does not include tax, and the price including tax is subject to 13% tax point. If you need an invoice, please contact customer service! ! !


Provide SDK docking platform or Bluetooth protocol docking gateway with supporting mature background
1. Provide terminal SDK communication protocol docking customer platform
2. Open API interface to connect with customer platform
3. Customized development based on the original technology
If the store has card GPS positioning (2G and 4G) or other functions, please contact customer service for consultation
If other functions are required to be customized, mobile phone: 13316567384 (V-signal same number) Manager He

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