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Amazon New Echo 4th Generation Speaker Plastic Wall Bracket Multipurpose Tray Smart Home Accessories

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Price Updated on July 20, 2022
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Amazon New Echo 4th Generation Speaker Plastic Wall Bracket Multipurpose Tray Smart Home Accessories

product advantages

1: neat and convenient
2: Humanized design
3: Logo can be printed
4: Packing: Neutral carton packing
5: OEM, ODM are welcome

Remarks: Due to the large number of orders, it is necessary to book in advance. If you place an order, please consult customer service, theoriginal factory direct sales, and friends from cross-border e-commerce are welcome to negotiate


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Shenzhen Adijia Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is a high-tech company integrating new product development, manufacturing and sales. We have been focusing on developing accessories for well-known digital products at home and abroad for 10 years. The product line includes Amazon smart device accessories, Google smart device accessories, action camera accessories, home surveillance camera accessories, mobile phone outdoor sports accessories, game console accessories and other smart home product accessories. The Amazon Echo dot smart speaker accessories, Google Home Mini accessories, Nest, Blink, Arlo, Ring and other camera accessories, and Gopro action camera accessories developed by the company are deeply loved by consumers.


Customer Notice

1. About customer service

Welcome to inquire through Want Want online customer service. Due to the large amount of inquiries, the customer service is often full and cannot reply in time. Please be patient.

For wholesale customization, please contact: Miss Liu 13684953110
2. About the color
All pictures are taken in kind, due to different lighting and monitors, there may be color difference between the real object and the website display, please understand
3. About after-sales
1 If you are a reputable buyer, if you are allowed to exchange the goods, please keep the original product unchanged and do a good job of imitation damaged outer packaging, and the buyer will pay for the return shipping fee.
2 If the purchased product is not our product, it will be damaged, worn and used, and no return or exchange will be provided.
4. About delivery
Regarding delivery, due to the time required for stocking, our order cut-off time on the day is 18:00. If the order paid before 18:00 is in stock, we will dispatch it on the same day. If the stock is not in stock, we will dispatch it within the hour. We do not guarantee that the goods will be available at any time. Please say hello and then shoot. If you cannot accept the customer who arranges the delivery of the goods, please be careful before you shoot. We do not make a 100% agreement to ship the goods on the same day, but we will try our best to satisfy customers.


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