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Baby Children's Soft Rubber Bath Swimming Pool Toy Set Playing Water Car Boys And Girls Yellow Duck Shampoo Cup Watering Can Beach

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Price Updated on July 20, 2022
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Large storage mesh bag, size as shown below

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Medium storage mesh bag, size as shown below
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[Shipping Instructions]

1. About express, after payment and shipping are paid together

We will ship within 72 hours, if there are special circumstances, we will contact you in advance.


1. When the buyer picks up the goods, please check the goods carefully in front of the staff of the logistics and freight company. If you find that the outer box is seriously deformed, damaged, the sealing and packaging tape is broken or damaged, the sealing tape is incomplete, and it is obviously unsealed. For traces of opening, please unpack and check in person. If you find any errors, you must negotiate with the logistics company for compensation. If you can't solve the problem, please don't pick up the goods and contact us at the freight station for negotiation; otherwise, the goods will be accepted without objection after signing. .
2. We ship the goods on behalf of the customer and go through the shipping and transportation procedures. Shipping is paid on delivery. When picking up the goods, if there is damage, etc., the shipping fee is available for guarantee. It is generally recommended not to pay in advance.

[After-sale service]

1. We do not accept returns in principle. Products can be exchanged through negotiation due to factory quality problems, but the buyer is responsible for the transportation costs incurred. After receiving the returned products, we will send the exchange together when the customer purchases the next time. Unable to accept the case of sending together with the next shipment, the freight is borne by the customer! Before sending it back, you must inform the customer service of Wangwang
2. Due to the particularity of toy products, they cannot be compared with home appliance products. Therefore, all toy products sold by our company do not implement the three-guarantee policy. If there are problems after use, our company will not bear any responsibility. We will help to solve these problems within the scope of our ability, but all related expenses incurred shall be borne by the customer. Special products are handled according to the relevant agreements reached between our customer service staff and customers.
3. The following conditions are not eligible for return: the returned product packaging is damaged or incomplete, the product accessories or related information are incomplete, unauthorized repair or modification, not used or stored in the normal way, beyond the after-sales service period.


1. All our sold products are strictly inspected by quality inspectors to ensure product quality, but due to various uncertain factors, our factory can only guarantee that 97%-98% of products have no problem after arrival, 2%- 3% is the scope of disclaimer.

2. The goods sent by our company are all brand new. Before delivery, we will ensure that the packaging of the products is neat and tidy, and the outer box is firm. However, during the transportation of products, especially in some long-distance cities, individual products may suffer from transportation losses (such as individual collisions and slight scratches, such as individual color boxes packaged in color boxes that are slightly deformed, etc.). The transportation is carried out by a third party. The logistics company completes it, which is beyond our control, and we will not bear the responsibility for damage caused by transportation. The transportation time is affected by many factors such as weather, vehicle arrangement, traffic conditions, etc., and is not a reason for returning.
3. After receiving the goods, some buyers feel that the workmanship is a little rough, flawed, not a good material, not the same as imagined, etc., but these are not quality problems, no matter what is a little flawed, too picky If you are a buyer, please forgive me, please consider and see clearly when purchasing, please consult us if you are unclear.
4. All dimensions are measured by hand, 1-2CM error is normal. All pictures are uploaded from real photos. Due to different light, monitors, etc., there will be a certain color difference, please bear with me.

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