Baby Training Pants Washable 6-layer Gauze Diaper Pocket Learning Pants Baby Cloth Diapers Breathable Diaper Pants Spring And Autumn Models

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What are study pants?

Learning pants can make the baby feel wet and slowly get out of the diaper, also known as training pants. Foreign mothers often use school pants to replace diapers. When learning pants are used, they usually absorb 1 to 2 bubbles of urine. However, if the baby has a large amount of urine or the pants are too large, it may also leak a little pee.

Summer is here, and many mothers start to train their babies to pee and poop on their own, so they take off their diapers completely. Learning pants is very important at this time.

It is thin, just wear a pair of school pants at home, it is waterproof, it is not easy to wet the outer pants when urinating, the legs are elastic, and it is not easy to flow out when urinating and wet the floor carpet;

It's breathable, and although waterproof, it won't be uncomfortable for your baby to wear.

Of course, it cannot completely replace diapers. It is not as absorbent as diapers. When the urine volume is large, there will be leakage. It is a very good transitional substitute for babies to get rid of diapers.

(1) What is the role of washable practice diapers?
As the name suggests, the washable practice diaper has the function of "diaper + pants". It is a transitional necessity for the baby to get rid of diapers and diapers. Like the internal structure of the diaper design, plus the waterproof inner layer, once the baby gets wet, It will not affect other clothes in a short time, and the slightly wet feeling can remind the baby to go to the toilet; the design of taking off and pulling shorts makes it easy for the baby to put on and take off diapers, and more importantly, the shape of the pants, the baby has grown up of pride: "Look, I'm not a baby in diapers, I'm grown up wearing pants...".
(2) What material is the washable practice diaper made of?
This export training pants are made of high-quality pure cotton material, soft and comfortable, and very breathable.
(3) Are washable practice diapers more economical and ideal than disposable diapers?
Washable practice diapers are far more economical and ideal than diapers. First, practice diapers can be washed and reused, while diapers can only be used once. Obviously, we don't need to waste too much money on diapers; second, diapers are dry due to their chemical substances, and the baby does not know after urinating. Therefore, it is difficult to cultivate a consciousness to take off and replace it, and our cotton cloth brings a slightly damp feeling just right to cultivate this consciousness of the baby, so as to slowly put on, take off the pants, and go to the toilet. , to fully transition to wearing regular pants.

(4) Is the design of washable practice diapers reasonable?
The washable practice diapers have soft waist and leg elastic closures, which are comfortable and fit. Depending on the size of the urine, it can take 1-2 times of urine. The same style as the small underwear allows the baby to move more freely.
(5) How to wash? Machine washable and hand washable







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