Beauty 3D Mouse Pad Wrist Wrist Pad Sexy Silicone Anime Ass Mouse Pad Oversized Thickened Otaku Hand Rest

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Learn about rubber

Natural Rubber Continuous Foaming Membrane (also known as Eight-Eight Pattern Natural Rubber Foaming) for Rubber Foaming Environmental Protection Mouse Pads, Gaming Mouse Pads, Carpet Pads, Yoga Pads, Beer Pads, Natural Rubber Bar Pads, Non-woven Fabrics Bar mats, coasters, game mats, pet mats, dining table mats, advertising gift mats and various non-slip mats, etc.
Basic description of natural rubber continuous foam material:
1. Natural rubber material, also known as 88 grain material, is non-toxic and odorless, soft in texture, good in hand feeling, anti-slip and shock-proof. Material color can be produced according to customer requirements. Regular stock is black bottom, special color, or bottom with special texture can be negotiated and produced according to requirements.
2. The natural rubber of Leihuochi factory has passed the SGS eight metal content test and European ROHS test.
3. The width of natural rubber material can be 90CM-155CM, and the thickness can be 0.7MM-20MM. The general thickness is 6MM. Higher than 6MM needs to be negotiated and customized separately.
4. The width of natural rubber lamination cloth can be 50CM-155CM, and the thickness can be 0.7MM-20MM. Light body rubber (without cloth) can be made 50CM-125CM in width and 1.5MM-20MM in thickness.
5. The types of cloth are commonly used as Jiaji cloth, glasses cloth, jacquard cloth, PK cloth, encrypted muslin cloth, linen cloth, etc. Among them, white cloth is mainly used for sublimation printing various patterns, and black cloth can be used for screen printing monochrome printing and screen printing color monochrome logo.
6. The natural rubber material surface can be fitted with various fabrics or PP, PVC and other fabrics according to customers. For details, please contact us for details. At the same time, it can also cooperate with customers to develop new materials for various rubber products. New cloth.
7. The main uses of this material: computer mouse pads, advertising promotional gifts mouse pads, various game pads, bar mats, yoga mats, beer mats, coasters, carpet mats, pet mats, table mats, bed pads, etc. and various Anti-slip shock pads.
8. Main service objects: mouse pad factory, business gift factory, bar pad factory, anti-skid pad factory, shoe material factory, carpet pad factory, e-sports game terminal, IP animation terminal, promotion and other customer groups.

Factory list

Notes before shooting:


Before placing an order, please carefully verify the printing content, text, phone number, QR code and other typesetting content. If you start to produce large quantities after confirmation, our company will not be responsible for any printing errors found after production.


1. Material: environmentally friendly natural rubber + good performance cloth


1. The cloth surface is made of good-quality cloth with good density, and the surface is fine and smooth, which is suitable for most optical mice and easy to use for positioning.


2. The bottom surface adopts the international standard 3L natural rubber 88 anti-slip texture design, which will not slide easily on any desktop.


3. Process: ordinary single-color silk screen printing (limited to one LOGO, with a bump on the printed surface, printed 2 times), bottom screen printing (foreign single brands require bottom screen printing, the LOGO color is clear, the number of times of printing is more than 7 times, the production cost will be higher than ordinary printing), color thermal transfer printing (applicable to most mouse pad printing, after high temperature sublimation printing, very wide, bright color).


2. Color


The color of the finished mouse pad cannot be required by the color of the computer screen. The printed color and the display color are two completely different color concepts. Therefore, the color of the printed product and the computer display will be different; the mouse pad is a mouse pad, not a work of art.


3. Description


1. For bulk orders, the price is negotiable; price = calculated according to quantity, size and thickness.


2. The product quotation does not include OPP packaging. The price is charged according to the size of the specification, and the price is consulted customer service. For other questions, please refer to the customer service chat agreement.


3. Excluding freight and taxes (4 points for general ticket, 10 points for additional ticket), we will do the consignment on your behalf, and the freight will be paid on delivery. If you have agreed with the customer service chat, the content of the agreement shall prevail.


4. Our factory has a large number of white cloth mouse pads in stock, most of which are produced according to customer needs. Because there are too many pictures of mouse pads, each customer has different needs, and the update speed is very fast. What to do, we do not accept the photograph and then return it, because it is difficult to handle after printing, so please confirm it in advance; in special circumstances, we can negotiate to help customers deal with difficulties encountered.


5. Seaming service: conventional seaming, precision seaming, the price is charged according to the size, please consult customer service for the price.


6, special requirements, special specifications, special shapes, we can do. As long as you request, we will do our best to meet it. Our company has many years of experience in mouse pads.


Four, product quality acceptance criteria:


(1) The manufacturer prints according to the document provided by the buyer, and the document mode is converted to CMYK color value and color printing.


We will print in strict accordance with the CMYK color value standard in the document. It is normal for the color difference of printing color to deviate by 10%. Some difficult printing may only follow the color by 80%, and there will be different quantities of shades in a batch of goods; this situation cannot be avoid.


Long-term cooperation customers, the same document; different printing, slightly different colors. (Remarks: old customers, please send us some of the couriers that have been done before. We will follow the color printing according to the color we did before. If we do not do it according to the previous color, we will re-color, which will be slightly different from the color we just started. different).


For customers with high color requirements, it is recommended that you first confirm the proofing in advance or come to the factory for on-the-spot color matching.


(2) Due to the thermal expansion and contraction of rubber: the thickness deviation of the material is plus or minus 0.2mm-0.3mm, and the plus or minus deviation of the length and width of the small size is 2-3mm. The difference between the keyboard extension pads is 2-3CM, which is a normal phenomenon. The rubber is elastic. Our knife molds are made in strict accordance with the standard size. Sometimes the rubber products produced will have size deviations, which cannot be avoided.


(3) The problem of rubber smell: rubber products are not rubber if they have no smell. The mouse pads in our factory are odorless and non-toxic, and the smell of rubber itself is a little bit. This is a normal taste. It will have a stronger taste just after making it, because it has been heat-transferred at high temperature. After receiving the product, it will be fine to put it in a ventilated place for a period of time. Generally, it will not be smelled if it is not close to the nose.


Regarding advertising law:


Because the "Advertising Law" mentions that limit words cannot be used when promoting products, it is expressly prohibited to use them, but there is no complete list yet. Since there are many products in this store, our artists use the words when describing the products or the customer service to introduce the products during consultation. There may be flaws in the descriptions of the products. The relevant descriptions only represent our own subjective views and feelings about the products. They are only general modifiers and are only for the reference of visitors or buyers. Please judge by yourself during the reading or purchasing process. Your judgment and understanding are subject to any legal responsibility. We do not have intentionally false or misleading content, intentionally false publicity or exaggerated advertising effects, and intentionally deceive or mislead consumers, visitors or buyers as a A rational person with capacity for civil conduct should have a basic understanding and understanding of the products to be read or purchased, and should have a basic and reasonable judgment on the pictures and descriptions displayed on the products. In addition, the artist may be negligent when modifying the text of the picture, and may miss some limit words that have not been modified, or do not know the meaning of the limit words. The data description is also the meaning expressed by our own internal experiments and measurements.


We welcome customers to supervise and remind us, and resolutely resist malicious extortion complaints from lawbreakers. If it is really for our own good, a careless modifier can completely let us correct it alone, rather than disrupting the normal order of the public.


Therefore, the shop hereby solemnly declares: the limit words involved in any product of this shop do not represent the real function of the product, and are all invalid. Those who have doubts can clearly tell us what is wrong and where there is doubt. We are willing to cooperate and correct.


All visitors or purchasers of this store believe that you have known and recognized this statement.

Happy shopping.

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