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Children's Watch Multifunctional Colorful Light Waterproof Student Electronic Watch

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Price Updated on July 20, 2022
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Waterproof: Life is waterproof.
Clasp: stainless steel clasp.
Strap: high-quality rubber.



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As a high-precision timekeeping instrument and artistic jewelry, the correct use and maintenance of the watch is very important. It can prolong the service life and precision of the watch as well as the beauty of the appearance, making it more convenient for your work and life.  

1. About the maintenance of appearance parts 

(1) Case and strap: The watch case and strap are made of many materials, such as tungsten-titanium alloy, high-tech ceramics, stainless steel, soft fiber, ordinary steel, etc., try to avoid exceeding or the same hardness when wearing The special body rubs and bumps. It is also necessary to clean the watch case and strap regularly. In addition, sea water, salt water baths, perfume, shampoo, nail polish, nail polish remover, and some chemical-containing cosmetics will corrode the gold-plated layer and metal surface of the watch to a certain extent and should be avoided. touch. (2) Watch mirror: The watch mirror can basically be divided into synthetic crystal glue, mineral glass, and sapphire crystal glass. The abrasion resistance of synthetic crystal glue is slightly poor, and it is easy to scratch, but it has strong impact resistance; sapphire crystal glass is abrasion-resistant, but the material is more brittle and afraid of violent impact; mineral-specific glass is somewhere in between. Even wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass should pay attention to the impurities contained in diamonds, grindstones, sandpaper, nail files, flower nets, concrete walls, etc., so as not to scratch its surface. 

2. About the watch waterproof 

30-meter water resistance: refers to life waterproofing, hand washing, face washing, rain, car splashing, etc. 

Waterproof to 50 meters: suitable for fishing, car washing, showering, swimming, etc. 

Waterproof above 100 meters: suitable for diving, snorkeling, etc. Watch mirror, case and strap-common sense of watch maintenance
The material of the table mirror is divided into plexiglass, mineral crystal glass, sapphire crystal glass and so on. Common materials for watch cases and straps include plastics, copper, stainless steel, tungsten-titanium alloys, high-tech ceramics, and precious metals.
Sapphire glass, tungsten-titanium alloy and high-tech ceramics are all materials that are not easy to wear. Their hardness is Mohs 9, 8, and 7 respectively (diamond is 10). Although these materials are resistant to wear, they cannot withstand strong impacts. At the same time, some materials with the same or higher hardness, such as diamonds, corundum, oxidized metals, and quartz crystals, may damage these materials; grinding stones, sandpaper, nail files, flowers Stone surface, glass and ground all contain the above substances, which will scratch the surface of these materials.
The case and strap of the watch need to be cleaned frequently and can be washed and dried with warm water. Sweat, dirt, etc. will corrode the exterior materials of the watch, and may cause skin allergies in some individuals. When you buy a new watch, tear off the protective film on the back cover, otherwise sweat will remain in the middle and corrode the back cover.
The watch should avoid contact with various chemicals. Once it is touched, it should be cleaned in time to avoid discoloration, shedding or other losses of the coating.
If you are buying a belt watch, please note:
Avoid contact with water and humidity to prevent discoloration and deformation.
Avoid long-term exposure to the sun to prevent fading.
Because the cortex is easy to penetrate, avoid contact with oily substances or cosmetics.
Mechanical, quartz watch maintenance issues
Precautions for the use of fully automatic mechanical watches:
1. Non-professionals should not open the back cover to prevent damage.
2. After adjusting the watch, be sure to push the crown back to the bottom.
3. Strap length adjustment: Slightly adjust the position of the movable buckle pin, and large adjustments require disassembly and assembly of the strap particles.
Fourth, the mechanical automatic watch may go slowly when the wearer is less active, which is a normal phenomenon. When using it for the first time, please rotate the crown 20-30 times to wind the mainspring.
Precautions for the use of manual mechanical watches:
1. Wind up the clockwork once every 24 hours to ensure enough power for the time and the day. Hold the watch upward at 12 o'clock when winding, and turn the crown clockwise until it is fully wound. Be careful not to rotate the crown forcefully after the mainspring is fully wound, so as not to twist the winding stem or the mainspring.
2. To quickly adjust the calendar, pull out the crown, set the hour and minute hands at 12 o'clock in the counterclockwise direction for 3 to 4 hours, and then dial back to 12 o'clock in the clockwise direction, and the calendar will quickly adjust for one day. Pull out the crown and rotate it to make the hour and minute hands rotate two times in the clockwise direction, which can also make the calendar jump one day forward.
3. Adjust the length of the strap slightly adjust the position of the movable pin, and adjust the strap shaft for large adjustments.
4. Try to avoid contact with water, steam, high temperature and corrosive gas during use, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the movement and appearance. At the same time, avoid strong vibrations and stay away from strong magnetic fields.
5. Do not open the back cover by yourself.
Precautions for the use of quartz watches:
1. Non-professionals should not open the back cover to prevent damage.
2. After adjusting the watch, be sure to push the crown back to the bottom.
3. Strap length adjustment: adjust the position of the movable buckle in a small amount, and adjust the strap pellets for large adjustments. The above description is only for ordinary quartz watches and mechanical watches, and does not include watches with special movements.
1. Battery
When the second hand of a quartz watch jumps or stops every few seconds, and the battery is exhausted, the battery should be replaced in time to avoid leaving the electroplating pool without electricity in the watch for a long time and causing damage to the movement.
2. temperature
The normal working temperature of the quartz watch is -5°C to 50°C. Please do not put the watch in an environment with too high or too low temperature (such as sauna, hot spring), otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the watch and the battery life.   3. Automatic mechanical watch
A fully automatic mechanical watch must be wound automatically by the white movement of the wearer's arm, so it must be worn for more than eight hours a day to ensure accurate timing. If there is not enough wearing time during the day, which leads to insufficient travel time, it is recommended that when the watch is taken off at night, swing the watch horizontally for one minute to supplement the winding.
4. water proof
Waterproof watches are waterproof in daily life, but they cannot be worn for swimming or diving. It is recommended not to wear a bath to avoid short circuit or rust of the core coil after the water enters, which will affect the watch's time.
5. Shock and vibration
Watches using high-hardness materials (such as cemented carbide, ceramics, sapphire, etc.) have poor impact resistance. Avoid falling, collision, and friction with high-hardness items.
6. magnetic   The watch should be kept away from objects with strong magnetic fields such as televisions, magnets, speakers, etc., so as to prevent the magnetic field from damaging the movement and affecting the accuracy of the watch.
7. chemical materials
The watch should avoid contact with various solvents (such as alcohol, gasoline), mercury, cosmetics, sprays, adhesives, detergents, paints and other corrosive liquids or gases, so as to prevent the surface of the watch case and strap from being corroded and discolored or deteriorated. Or damage.
8. Take care
Dust, moisture and moisture accumulated on the case and strap of the watch may cause corrosion. For this reason, the watch should be cleaned frequently with a soft dry cloth. Take care of your watch and use your watch correctly in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual.

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