Cross-border Hot-selling Car Windshield 50S Pure Black Shading Anti-ultraviolet Heat Insulation Car Front And Rear Windshield Sunshade

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Price Updated on May 12, 2022
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Cross-border link: (AliExpress)

Packing size: 54*7*5cm

Product material: cotton cloth

Product color: flat cloth black

The price of the product is the price of a pair

Included products: a pair of curtains, 4 plastic guide rails, 6 guide rails, a pair of Velcro strips, a pair of storage racks

Installation and precautions:

1. Before installation, please wipe clean the place where the window needs to be attached to the guide rail

2. After pasting the guide rail, it is recommended to blow it with a hot air blower for a while to keep the 3M glue sticking better. Generally, after installing the guide rail, install the car curtain after a period of time. Please install the curved part slowly and patiently. It is recommended to use a rope after installation. After fixing, wait until the 3M glue is completely attached, and then proceed to the next step of installation.

3. Please pay attention to installing car curtains. If the size is wrong, please replace the guide rail. After the guide rail is torn off, there will be residual colloid. It is recommended to use an adhesive remover to remove the glue, and then replace the new guide rail.

4. Follow the steps to install it from top to bottom. If not, please remember to insert the small plug that comes with the product.

5. Please pay attention to the location before installation!

6. The curtains in the front row should not cover the rearview mirror for observation to avoid accidents.

7. When installing, it is recommended to open the window for installation.

8. Please roll down the window glass when installing. 7






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