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Diamond Ladies Ring Fire Stone Diamond Ring Jewelry Factory Ships Women's Wholesale Price

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Price Updated on July 24, 2022
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Factory description

Our products are all developed and produced by our factory, with strong production capacity, superior production lines, and a daily output of 1,000 pieces.

4-7 days production cycle.

Numerous product lines, from granite to crystal, silver plated, platinum plated rose gold. Everything you need. Every

New products are released every month.

Excellent management model, keeping inventory of all products, protecting all small and medium sellers, breaking the tradition

The supply model of the factory's single deposit, copper products can be ordered from 50 pieces. Sterling silver from 150 pieces, from customer's

Starting from sales operation and demand, to create products suitable for market demand


Shipping Instructions
   By the buyer (customer) to bear! 1. The express company defaults to Shentong, Yuantong in Guangdong Province: 8.00 yuan, outside the province

In addition, depending on the distance, it usually takes about 1 day to arrive in Guangdong Province, and it usually takes 3-5 days to arrive by post outside the province. 2. Express At present, we mainly choose the following express companies for delivery. You can log on to this station to check whether the express can deliver to you and the service quotation. 1. The price of Shunfeng Express Shunfeng Express is 20 yuan/kg (less than one kilogram is calculated as one kilogram), and the additional weight is calculated according to the region. 2. EMS express (regional price exceeds 1kg per 500g) 10 yuan in Guangdong Province in the first district, 15 yuan in Beijing, Tianjin, Northeast China, Chongqing, Anhui, Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi, Hubei, Jiangxi, Hunan and Fujian in the second district, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Gansu, Sichuan, Qinghai, Guizhou, Guangxi, Ningxia, Yunnan, Heilongjiang 20 yuan, 3: Yuantong/Shentong Express Yuantong/Shentong Price: 8.00 yuan/kg in Guangdong Province, 15.00 in other areas Yuan/kg (if less than one kilogram is counted as one kilogram)



Product processing customization :
The company can accept all kinds of style jewelry processing order, welcome to order version.
The company has several professional designers, and merchants only need to provide product samples or clear pictures of product details and their related dimensions, and then they can process and customize, with an accuracy of more than 96%. More than 100 pieces of a single product can be customized and processed to enjoy its ex-factory price. There is no need for any starting fee (by the company.

For large-scale customized orders, you can contact the manager of the company for negotiation.
Contact: Mr. Huang (Manager)
Tel: 13751111258
QQ: 726663512

Email: 726663512@qq.com


In order to enable members to get due service in our store, and to avoid unpleasant things from happening. Based on the principles of mutual understanding, fairness and voluntariness, the two parties jointly abide by the following terms:
1. We are responsible for the information directly released by our store . If there is any inconsistency between words and deeds, which directly causes losses to the merchants, this website shall bear the responsibility. All product pictures are taken in kind, and the description of each product is accurate. Merchants can buy with confidence. If serious mistakes are caused by the negligence of this site, we will correct them in time; if the loss of members is caused, our company will make reasonable compensation. . The quality of the products is strictly checked. If it is a quality problem, the company will implement unconditional return and repair. Remarks: The company is only responsible for the currently confirmed instant orders. Because the information often needs to be updated, if there is any change after the member places the order, we will notify in time, and the member will decide whether to cancel the order. 2. Members are required to carefully check the order (price, quantity, specifications, etc.) when placing an order. If there are special requirements, they need to explain in time. The delivery address and contact information must be accurate, otherwise the related losses will be borne. Pay for your order in a timely manner. If no payment is made within three days of the following order, the order will be automatically voided. After arrival, please check the goods (quantity, quality , specifications, etc.), if you have any questions, please contact in time. If there is no problem , please confirm the receipt in time and give a five-star praise! (Thank you!) 3. Other agreements If the two parties reach an agreement through other means of contact, if there is a conflict with this clause, the agreement shall be implemented according to the agreement of both parties. Replacement of defective products: within 3-7 days after the member receives the product , if the product is found to be a quality problem. Please get in touch with the store first and then exchange, the store bears a round-trip shipping. Repair or maintenance: The store will charge relevant fees according to the actual situation. If the product quality problem is caused by the company, the company is unconditionally responsible to the end. If the product is damaged and other problems caused by the customer carelessly, the company will repair and deal with it according to the customer's requirements , but the return postage must be borne by the customer. If the cost of repairing more than 10.00 yuan, the customer shall bear the basic labor cost.

Detailed explanation of merchants' doubts

A. Product advantages: the material of silver jewelry, the advantages compared with sterling silver jewelry

Our jewelry materials are all refined from imported soft white copper and silver. The gloss is like silver, even if the cut surface is cut, it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish. Compared with sterling silver, in addition to the huge price difference; high-quality electroplating platinum layer, strong thickened silver, plated protective film, surface color retention for a long time, not easy to fade, anti-oxidation, anti-allergic! (The silver content of the chain is higher, which is not comparable to other manufacturers. It can be said that it will never fade!)

B. Rich product line: product spot, new product guidance, customized demand

A rich product line is our foundation. Whether it is an explosive model or a potential new model, we can provide our existing inventory supply to merchants. Our company releases new products every month to guide fashionable boutiques. At the same time, we can flexibly customize products according to any needs of customers, without excessive requirements, and small and medium-sized customers can participate in cooperation.

C. Superior production line: strong productivity, excellent process, high-end products

Our daily output is more than 1,000 pieces, and at the same time, we have many processing plants, so as to shorten the production cycle as soon as possible and provide timely delivery. There are more than ten kinds of processes in the production of products. From product release to factory inspection, every process is indispensable and has strict requirements. Professional high-end jewelry, because professional, so focus!

D. Our services: provide effective help and reduce wholesale requirements

Pure supply is not our ultimate goal. We do our best to assist merchants to sell products quickly. Therefore, we have specially set up an experienced promotion department to share promotion methods, provide product picture promotion and store design arrangement and other assistance. Our company can mix wholesale, and the threshold for mixed batch is ultra-low. A single 50 pieces can be customized with drawings and samples!


Custom processing

This shop relies on its own factory to provide customers with personalized processing and customization services
Merchants only need to provide product samples or clear pictures of product details and their related dimensions, and we can process and customize them according to these.
Our company will estimate and verify the products according to the customized needs of customers.
At the time of production, merchants need to prepay the mold fee, ranging from 0-100 yuan. Our company communicates and confirms through the samples from the pouring mold, and our company is implementing production.
For large-scale customized orders, before production, merchants need to prepay 20-50% of the start-up capital according to the customized quantity .

Online shop joining (temporarily does not support the joining method that does not take the spot)

*Advantages of online store franchise - 1. The company provides optimized product data packages for you to use. 2. Provide a drop shipping service to minimize your cost. (Only support old customers, need to increase some fees) 3. Unify the price of products, avoid malicious price competition, and regulate the market. 4. Provide the existing inventory quantity every week, so that the merchants can keep abreast of the inventory and avoid the pressure of no inventory. 5. For a small number of out-of-stock products, our factory will immediately process and ship them for you three to five days after you place an order. 6. Provide new product promotions every month to guide sales and promote transaction atmosphere.

*Online store franchise conditions - 1. You are required to have your own Taobao store, Paipai store and other online sales platforms (Taobao store data is complete, Paipai and other second-party platform data need to be converted, you need to operate independently). 2. Understand and be proficient in using data package upload and modification tools. 3. The product will be optimized and adjusted accordingly. 4. If you need a product data package, you must pay a deposit of 100 yuan, and the deposit will be refunded when the product exceeds 1,000 yuan, or 500 yuan for a single delivery. 5. The price of getting goods is unified across the network, and you can enjoy the membership discounts of sales upgrades. 6. Comply with our market norms and avoid bad competition.

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