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Drill Test Pen/Diamond Test Pen/Diamond Thermal Conductivity Tester/Diamond Discriminator Hardness Tester

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Price Updated on September 23, 2022
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1. Needle control 2. Three-color indicator light 3. Power indicator light 4. Ready indicator light 5. Power switch/adjustment button 6. Battery cover

  Technical Features:

1. Pocket portable hand-held.
2. Non-destructive testing, easy and accurate operation.
3. Power supply: DC9V battery.
4. Dimensions: 162*42*22MM Weight: about 160g

Operation method:
1. Turn on the power, the power indicator lights up, the instrument starts to warm up, and the instrument can be used after a few seconds.
2. Put the bare drill to be tested into the appropriate concave hole of the support tray, with the table top facing up. The inlaid person does not need to put it in the tray hole, but can hold it by hand.
3. Light up several LEDs according to the weight of the real and fake diamonds to be tested and the temperature of the measurement location.
4. Remove the probe sheath, hold the instrument and touch the back cover of the instrument with the index finger of the right hand; make the probe vertically and lightly contact the table of the real and fake diamonds to be tested.
5. Carefully watch the reflection of the instrument, if the remaining yellow light-emitting diodes light up, when the light reaches 9 diodes, and the buzzer sounds, it means that the tested person is a real diamond. On the contrary, if there are less than 9 lights on and the instrument does not make a sharp sound, it means fake diamonds or imitations.
Repair and maintenance:
1. The probe of the instrument is very sensitive and must be protected with special care. When not in use, it should be covered with a sheath.
2. When the ready indicator is very dark, it means that the battery will be exhausted, and the battery should be replaced in time.
3. If the instrument will not be used for a long time, please take out the battery.
4. For accurate detection, it is recommended to calibrate once a year.










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