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〖Ornament Type〗: Ring
〖Color〗: golden silver
〖Commodity Material〗: Alloy
(The material is made of environmentally friendly zinc alloy, and the rhinestones are imported 888 diamonds. My family does not need to use poor diamonds, the price is affordable and the quality is assured!)
〖Size〗: The opening can be adjusted
〖Surface Treatment〗: Electroplating
〖Package〗: paper card *OPP
The products are all taken in kind, and the color can be specially customized!



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All products in this store basically have real pictures, detailed descriptions, materials, sizes, sizes, etc. Please rest assured to buy.
01 Color difference description: The color difference and color of the product will be different due to the difference in the background, light, and computer display of the photo, which are not within the controllable range and are not a quality problem. The product is subject to the actual product, which is basically processed by hand. If you are very concerned about the color difference and small defects, please consider carefully before deciding whether to order.
02About delivery: After the buyer places an order and pays, we will deliver the goods within 48 hours (two days). Basically, those who place an order and pay before 4 pm will deliver the goods on the same day. (Except Sunday) We will contact you by phone or Wangwang if we encounter out of stock. When shipping, there are special distribution personnel to check the delivery note and the goods, and put them into a 5-layer corrugated box with bubble film after checking, and sign the delivery note and then package it with the goods.
03 Express logistics: Our default express is ZTO Express. If you need other express, please contact online customer service. If the courier is not available or the goods are urgently needed, please contact customer service to send Shunfeng and postal courier. If the bulk cargo needs to be shipped by logistics, please explain to the customer service the address of the nearest logistics company and the name of the consignment station. So that you can mention the goods in the shortest time and the nearest place. We solemnly declare that express delivery and logistics are not under our control. Please do not use the dissatisfaction with express delivery and logistics service attitude and the length of arrival as the basis for our evaluation.
04About receipt: When the goods are delivered, please be sure to sign for them, such as family members, friends, guards, etc., they will all be regarded as signed by me. Please be sure to sign for it after disassembling it on the spot for inspection. If the goods are damaged during transportation, please verify the claim directly to the delivery personnel or refuse to sign for it.
05About after-sale: If you have any quality problems within three days from the date of receipt, please contact us in time, we will give a reply for return and replacement, and will not be accepted after the expiration date. If there is no problem with the quality, do not do return or exchange, just because you don't like it, it is too different from the picture, unsatisfactory, dissatisfied or not as good as imagined and other subjective factors, the product purchased by the buyer is not allowed. Returned. However, if the product has objective quality problems such as damage, scratches, discoloration, etc., it will be returned.
06About evaluation: Your fair evaluation is the unremitting driving force for us to move forward. If you are satisfied with the goods and you are in a good mood, please give us an encouraging praise. If there is a problem and you are a little dissatisfied, please communicate with the customer service in time, and any questions can be answered quickly. You solve, the first time to remove your doubts and dissatisfaction, and give you a happy mood.

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