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Factory Dust Removal Humidification Agriculture Gardening Irrigation Textile Factory Dust Removal Cooling Low Pressure Spray Set Support Customization

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6m black/white suit

3 meters water supply pipe

3 meters of spray pipe, 6 nozzles, 6 nozzles

1 tap connector

1 plug

20 cable ties

20 pipe buckles

9m black/white suit

3 meters water supply pipe

6m spray pipe with 11 nozzles and 11 nozzles

1 tap connector

1 plug

30 cable ties

30 pipe buckles

12m black/white suit

3 meters water supply pipe

9 meters of spray pipe, 16 nozzles, 16 nozzles

1 tap connector

1 plug

40 cable ties

40 pipe buckles

15m black/white suit

3 meters water supply pipe

12 meters of spray pipe, 21 nozzles, 21 nozzles

1 tap connector

1 plug

50 cable ties

50 pipe buckles

18m black/white suit


3 meters water supply pipe

15m spray pipe with 26 nozzles and 26 nozzles

1 tap connector

1 plug

60 cable ties

60 pipe buckles

This product can be DIY, if you need other specifications, please contact customer service

Details of the spray system:



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installation steps:
1. It is recommended to install the atomization system at a height of 2.5m-3m.
2. Connect the adapter to the faucet.
3. Turn on the faucet to clean the system for 1 minute to clean the system and remove impurities.
4. Thread the spray nozzles onto the tee fitting, except for the very end one.
5. Turn on the faucet to clean the system for 2 minutes to ensure the system is fully cleaned.
6. Turn off the water and install the last nozzle onto the fitting, using the end plug.
7. Secure the atomizing tube with the provided cable tie saddle clip.
8. Turn on the faucet until the sprayer works and enjoy the cooling misting system.
9. When the atomizing system is not in use for a long time, close the nozzle to keep it dry and clean.

Spray effect display:


No. 1-6 nozzles are available, the default No. 4 nozzle, if you need other types of nozzles, please contact customer service

The fine atomizing nozzle is made of brass with stainless steel core guide vanes inside. The liquid forms a centrifugal vortex in the guide vanes, and fine hollow mist particles are ejected from the nozzle holes, which can be widely used in plant humidification and cooling. , disinfection, dust reduction, landscaping, salt spray test and other artificial fog, this nozzle nozzle is punched by American precision punching machine, the hole diameter is 0.3mm, well-made, the use cost is compared with gas humidification, saving

This series of nozzles does not require air assistance, the system is simple, the spray point is fine, the atomization is sufficient, energy saving and water saving, low cost, and good effect; of the same type of nozzle

This nozzle can completely use the pressure of tap water for atomization. It is better to use a high-pressure water pump.

[Scope of application]

1. Wetting and derusting 2. Air humidification 3. Chemical treatment 4. Chemical spraying 5. Liquid spraying 6. Tobacco leaf humidification 7. Tablet coating 8. Flue gas evaporative cooling 9. Sterilization 10. Component cooling 11. Fruit spray Wax 12, tile glazing 13, workshop humidification 14, salt spray test 15, artificial fog 16, humidification in other places, etc.

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