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Polygon dance ball needs four AA batteries

Packing number: 168 Packing size: 71*37*86CM

Product size: outer packaging 11CM × 11CM × 13CM diameter at the widest point of the ball: about 12CM

Color: blue, red

Material: ABS plastic + plastic Color as shown, random delivery, do not choose!
Battery: 4 AA batteries or AA batteries (not included in the ball, please bring your own)

Instructions for installing the battery: The ball can be divided into two halves. There are several buckles on the waist of the ball. Gently open it with your hand, you can see a plastic box inside. Open the lid of the box to put the battery in. Please be careful with the force when disassembling the toy.

Description: Absolutely fun novelty toys are on the market! Another surprise for the baby! ! ! After putting the toy on the battery, press the switch (there is a silver button on the waist of the ball), the ball will send out nice music and brilliant lights (it is also gorgeous in the daytime), and keep dancing, on the ball. It has colorful tentacles (rubber material), so it is very elastic when it jumps, and the babies will be attracted by so many functions, and they will dance with the ball happily! ! Babies who are just walking may see this ball and follow it and crawl. Isn't this so cute! ! Even a little baby lying in his mother's arms will be attracted by the gorgeous lights, good music and bouncing balls. When the manufacturer first got the Yiwu Futian Market, the children were as novel as they saw aliens. Haha, they even had a lot of fun with kicking, chasing, and catching, really satisfying! ! Not only children, but also the eyes of adults passing by are also attracted, which is really cool ^_^

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