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Proper use of wine knives
Anyone who knows red wine will know that the sommelier has a waiter's knife in his hand. This time, let's learn how to use the wine knife correctly.
1. Clean the wine bottle first, first use a knife along the circular protrusion of the bottle mouth, cut the rubber cap that seals the bottle mouth, pay attention to turning your hands, do not turn the bottle, if it is old wine, there will be normal precipitation at the bottom of the bottle. Spinning the bottle will allow the sediment to float. Be very careful when handling tin bottle caps, it often leaves a razor-sharp edge that can be inconvenient if your hand accidentally touches it. The bottle mouth of wine produced in some countries will have an opening tape, it is simple, just tear off the sealing tape.
Note: Do not turn the bottle at this time, because it may "wake up" the impurities deposited at the bottom of the bottle and affect the taste.

2. Wipe the mouth of the bottle with a table cloth or paper towel. If mold is found on the top of the cork, don't worry, a little moldy dust is normal. It does not mean that the wine is broken. Just wipe the bottle neck with a clean cloth. . Be especially careful with old lead-capped bottles, as small amounts of oozing wine can react with lead to form toxic lead salts.

3. At this time, insert the auger tip of the corkscrew into the center of the cork (if the drill is crooked, the cork will easily be pulled off), then upright the auger and slowly rotate it clockwise to drill into the cork.
Suggestion: Do not drill the auger all the way in at one time, it is better to leave a ring. Because I don't know the length of the cork, if I drill the auger all the way through at one time, it will pass through the cork and spill the cork chips into the wine.

4. First fasten the first movable joint to the mouth of the bottle and hold it tightly with your left hand; then lift the handle straight up with your right hand.
Note: The left hand must be clenched tightly, and the right hand is "lifting" rather than pushing, otherwise it is easy to infer the cork. In addition, lifting will be more labor-saving, because the longer the force-applying arm, the more labor-saving.

5. When the cork comes out halfway, fasten the second joint to the mouth of the bottle and repeat the previous action. Depending on the type of wine knife, the method of using it again is somewhat different, mainly to make the whole process of opening red wine more gentlemanly.

6. Stop when you feel that the cork is about to be pulled out, hold the cork with your hand, shake or turn it gently, and gently pull out the cork.

Note: Don't make a 'bang', make sure this is wine, not champagne.




The company specializes in the production and sales of wine tools. If you need:
●The company's annual welfare purchase ●The company's promotional gifts customization ●Various cocktail party and other activities gift customization ●Merchants individual wholesale group purchase ●The group's major customers' professional customized products can print your company's LOGO and other text patterns.
You are welcome to come to consult and negotiate.


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