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Model: Conical pH Tester (Short Version) Soil pH plays a very important role in the growth of cereal crops, most crops are difficult to survive in soils with high pH, so a suitable pH is suitable for Growing the best crops is essential:

1. When pressing into the soil with two-thirds of the soil, do not be too dry.
2. When using for the first time, insert a few sticks into the soil to remove the oxide layer on the probe.
3. Press the button next to the white display Yes,,
Uses: Measure the pH and moisture of different soils.
Measurement range: Quick reference maintenance of pH and moisture in vineyards, orchards, field production, nurseries, lawns, gardens, flower beds
PH (acidity): 3-8
Humidity: 1-8 (10-80%)
Resolution: 0.2PH
Accuracy: ±0.2PH (suitable for farmland and classroom experiments)
Operating temperature: 5-50°C (41-122°F)
Calibration: Gently wipe to remove oxides from metal electrodes undefined

Instructions for use
1. Remove debris from the soil to be tested, such as topsoil, weeds, gravel, etc. If the soil is too dry or contains too much fertilizer, it needs to be sprayed with water for about 25-30 minutes before the test.
2. Before the test, thoroughly clean the surface of the metal electrode with a damp cloth.
When using the detector for the first time, insert the first electrode into the soil a few times to remove surface oil so as not to affect pH or humidity accuracy.
3. Place the detector vertically into the soil to be tested to ensure that the electrodes are fully fitted with the surrounding soil. After about 10 minutes, the detector will display the correct pH and humidity.
The detector will sometimes show different values depending on soil conditions, adhesion to the metal surface of the detector, humidity, etc. Therefore, it may also require the average of multiple measurements.
4. Press the white or green button on the side of the meter, the meter will display soil moisture.
5. After the detector is used, clean the electrode with water after dry collection.
1. Loosen the soil before testing, be careful not to use too much force to insert good soil.
2. Do not insert the metal parts detector into the soil for too long (no more than 1 hour), so as not to damage the electrode.
3. Keep the metal surface clean and dry for pre-testing.
4. It cannot be used to detect liquid, once the original liquid touches the electrical system, the failure detector is not covered by the warranty.
5. Do not try to remove the open tip if it can be loosened in a clockwise direction.
6. It is forbidden to use the detector near magnetic objects.
7. It is forbidden to hold the electrode finger with the hand, and the grease component contains the component that weakens the current.
8. Note: This product does not come with a retail box
1x Soil PH and Moisture Meter

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