Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Colander Oil Fishing Fried Food Fishing Oil Spoon Fishing Tofu Powder Sieve Filter Food Oil Clip

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Yiwu Yishu Household Products Co., Ltd. Wholesale Notice

In order to save your time and avoid unnecessary troubles for you, please take 1 minute to read the wholesale instructions carefully, and you will understand and agree to the wholesale instructions when you place an order!

1. Order rules:

1. We always pursue the idea of wholesale at affordable prices. The price is the actual wholesale price. Mixed batches are supported, and the quantity is not limited. The order can be shipped. After clicking "Confirm Order", the system will automatically calculate the courier fee, and you can see the specific charging standards of the courier company. Customers who need logistics, please contact us to change the freight to 0. The logistics fee for logistics is paid on delivery, and you can pick up the goods yourself. Because it is currently impossible to choose to send logistics or express when placing an order on Ali, our system sets the default to send express.

2. One price per share. I hope you look at the product introduction and pictures with abstract thinking. The products are constantly improved and upgraded, and some of the product pictures have been artistically processed. If you are looking for a product from a specific manufacturer, please contact us for physical confirmation before placing an order.

3. The product has options to choose the color, and we will ship it according to the order. Those without color options are generally shipped randomly, and the random color is based on what color our warehouse has.

4. Please make full use of "Message to the seller" to note your special requirements. We try our best to be satisfied, so that the warehouse can also see the remarks, so as not to send the wrong goods, send the wrong logistics, etc.

2. About delivery

The express delivery is all received at 18:00. We try to send the orders before 12:00 on the same day. If you need to send the logistics on the same day, you need to send it the next day. Under normal circumstances, we will send it out within 24-72 hours. The cooperating express companies are Best Express and Yuantong Express. If you need to send other express, please contact our customer service.

3. About logistics

We can send logistics for bulky goods. If you have designated logistics or express delivery, you need to contact customer service! Logistics needs to be picked up by yourself. The charging standards of various logistics companies are different. Our estimates are not accurate. Therefore, we do not do any valuation and do not bear any costs in logistics. We strongly recommend customers to find a dedicated logistics company from Yiwu to the destination. , Yiwu is already a developed logistics center, I hope customers can provide their own satisfactory logistics companies as much as possible, we are not engaged in the logistics industry, do not understand the unspoken rules of logistics, our experience in logistics matters is only for reference, and we do not assume any All kinds of "accidents" caused by logistics.

When receiving the goods, you must check the goods in the presence of the staff. If there is any missing, you must contact us as soon as possible! If you do not get in touch in time, the problem after the receipt is borne by the consignee!

Fourth, about the return of goods

1. The returned goods must be well packaged (please bring your own packaging, do not paste or write directly on the original box of the product) to ensure that the packaging is not folded, unused and does not affect secondary sales (otherwise, it will not be returned).

2. We will try our best to satisfy the customer's designation of product color or style, but we cannot guarantee it 100%. If the color or style does not match, we will not bear the shipping cost.

3. Due to the long return and exchange time provided by our company, we will not return or exchange products that have been removed from the shelves by our company.

Due to the difference in shipping costs in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, if you need to return or exchange the goods, please contact our company's after-sales customer service first, and the two parties will negotiate and solve the problem.

5. About evaluation

If you are a perfectionist or a buyer with a counter complex, please detour, we cherish every evaluation, if you are not satisfied with the goods you have received or have any objections, please raise your hand, and please contact our store before evaluating Please communicate with us, our store must be patient and actively solve it for you. Don't make impulsive neutral/bad reviews because of temporary temperament. We refuse to accept the visit of the bad reviewer. We will firmly resist the uninvited guests who have a bad review and threaten us to refund the goods and complain.

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