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Korean Pearl Long Fashion Net Red S Temperament Chain Tassel Earrings Suitable For Round Face Show Face Thin Ear Line Women

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Price Updated on July 20, 2022
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Buyers need to know

This shop mainly deals in handmade hair accessories. Because it is handmade, there will be occasional deficiencies, but it does not affect the appearance of those who cannot accept it.


The prices on the website are small wholesale prices, for large quantities, please contact customer service for prices, thank you !
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Because the product is a perceptual consumer product. Some people like it, some people don't like it, if the quality is no problem, no return or exchange is handled, just because I don't like it, it is too different from the picture, the quality is too poor, the number of the ring is too small or too large, it is not satisfactory, not satisfied or It is not as good as imagined and other subjective factors, and the products purchased by buyers are not allowed to be returned or exchanged. Buyers should think twice before buying. After placing an order on this site, you agree to these terms (agree that the purchased product will not be returned). The final interpretation right belongs to this site.
2. Product color selection
In addition to the color indicated on the product title or content, we will send it randomly, and the color of other styles depends on the title, and the color is indicated. You can shoot in whatever color you want. It’s best not to leave a message when placing an order, because the ordering staff can’t see it. If there is an emergency, please contact Wangwang.

Special Note: Because we are a wholesale website, the shipment of a single item is fast, and the inventory is difficult to grasp. If out of stock, the warehouse generally ships directly without notice. Please leave a message if you need notification. Welcome wholesale customers to patronize. Wealth Hotline (customer service is not in place complaint phone): 15924267600

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