Muslin Gauze Wrapping Bamboo Cotton Bath Towel Newborn Swaddle Gauze Blanket Hug By Baby Baby Blanket

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Price Updated on June 10, 2022
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Note: The patterns are all protected by copyright, please do not copy them

Taobao price limit is not less than 49

Size 120*120cm

The weight of one piece is about 210G

1688 platform prohibits distribution of products

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Many customers receive double-layer goods and feel that it is obviously a single-layer feel

Why do we say double layer?

The double-layered gauze we are talking about is actually a double-layered yarn intertwined.

You feel like a single layer to the touch

Four layers and six layers are the same principle Product Information Parameters
Multi-purpose towel

super soft

You can wrap a towel, a blanket, a bath towel, one for multiple purposes.
routine maintenance
Class A product care

safety certificate
Production process
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