New 7-color Beauty Mask Face Rejuvenation Mask Spectrometer Rechargeable Led Mask Home Color Light Beauty Instrument

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Price Updated on June 17, 2022
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Product name: wireless remote control 7-color headlight row led beauty mask photon skin rejuvenation instrument

Accessories: beauty instrument + remote control + base + USB*1 + manual · exquisite gift box packaging
Applicable scene: (built-in battery), capacity 700mAH, no need to plug in the mobile phone, one key to open your beauty skin
Efficacy: anti-wrinkle, whitening, skin rejuvenation and firming, brightening skin tone, promoting the absorption of mask skin care products, etc.
Crowd: Mostly women

Packing size: 19.6*24*10.5CM

Red light: The wavelength of 630nm, known as "bioactive light", promotes the formation of collagen, has the functions of rejuvenating and wrinkling, increasing skin elasticity, improving skin condition, repairing damaged skin, shrinking pores and tightening skin



Blue light:With a wavelength of 470nm, it can leave no scars and pigments without damaging the skin tissue. It can improve acne-prone skin and balance skin oils


Yellow light: The specially treated 590nm wavelength has the effect of relieving sensitive skin. It can reduce pigmentation, control the growth of melanin, and eliminate freckles. Therefore, he can improve skin problems caused by age and bring excellent results to the skin



Green light: The wavelength of 520nm is used for neutralization, balance and stability. It can reduce the secretion of skin oil, balance the ratio of water and oil, and balance the skin


Purple light: The dual-frequency light of red light and blue light, it combines the effects of two kinds of light therapy, especially on the cover of acne marks, it has a good effect


Cyan blue light: (Blue wavelength 423nm + green wavelength 523nm = cyan blue light wavelength 490nm) cyan blue light with a wavelength of 490nm can gradually enhance the energy of cells and has a good effect on metabolism. Balance secretion, calm skin, control oil


Laser light: Penetrates deep into the skin, tightens the face, fades dark spots and improves fine lines and loose skin


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