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New Cross-border Omelette Pan Maifan Stone Non-stick Pan Steak Four-hole Breakfast Pan Induction Cooker Gas Universal

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Price Updated on September 15, 2022
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Products are food grade certified, FDA certified





New Omelette Pan

Maifan stone non-stick pan

non stick pan

non stick pan

breakfast pot

3-in-1 breakfast pot

medical stone non stick pan


induction cooker gas

omelet pan

medical stone non stick pan

omelet pan

1. Daily maintenance:

1. It is forbidden to dry the empty pot for a long time, so as not to affect the service life of the product.

2. Frequently clean the parts that are not in contact with food, such as the handle seat, the outer surface of the pot, etc., to avoid dirt.

3. Clean the pot after each use, dry the pot after cleaning, and keep the pot clean.

4. The pot itself will not turn yellow or black, but if the heating is too high or there are oil stains or seasonings on the outer wall of the pot, the heating may turn yellow and black. Please use detergent to clean it in time.

5. After cleaning the pots and pans, the residual water on the surface must be wiped dry, and then placed in a dry place.

2. Instructions for use:

1. It is best to add salt when the food is almost cooked, which is beneficial to human health.

2. When frying, do not hit the pot with a metal spatula, and try to avoid collision between the pot and the stove.

3. Do not use the metal parts that are in direct contact with the pot to avoid burns.

4. Do not store food and water for a long time.

Experts remind that iron pot cooking can supplement iron but it is not suitable for cooking acidic food. Although iron pot looks bulky, it is solid, durable, evenly heated, and beneficial to people's health. Due to the moderate thermal conductivity of iron pot, it is easy to combine with acidic substances in cooking, which increases the iron content in food by 10 times, thereby promoting blood regeneration and achieving the purpose of replenishing blood. Iron pots are mostly made of pig iron and generally do not contain other chemicals. In the process of cooking and cooking, there will be no dissolved substances in the iron pot, and there will be no problem of falling off. Even if iron substances are dissolved, it is beneficial for the human body to absorb them. Why do experts recommend using iron pans? The main reason is that the iron pot has a good auxiliary effect on the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia. Due to the effect of salt and vinegar on the iron at high temperature, and the mutual friction between the pot, the shovel and the spoon, the inorganic iron on the inner surface of the pot is descaled into powder with a small diameter. After these powders are absorbed by the human body, they are converted into inorganic iron salts under the action of gastric acid, thereby becoming the hematopoietic raw materials of the human body and exerting their auxiliary therapeutic effect. Many foods contain iron, but iron pot supplementation is the most direct.

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