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Price Updated on May 24, 2022
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Product name

Venom Extractor


SL-166 ( Small curved box)


ABS (non-secondary material)


15.2*5.8*2.6cm ( retractable)

Curved box size




box size

49*32*28cm 9kgs/8kgs

single net weight


Stickers can be requested, please leave a message when placing an order! ! !

Factory direct sales, large volume discounts! Welcome to consult!

Box stock color: red, other colors can be customized, the minimum quantity is 3000 sets.

Packing quantity: 100pcs/ctn 100 sets/carton

Carton Size Box size: 49x32x28cm

Gross Weight GW: 9kgs / Net Weight NW: 8kgs

Venom Vacuum Aspirator Features:

1. Remove more poisons,

2. Provide more suction,

3. No other items are required,

4. Suitable for children

5. Also help bees, mosquito bites,

6. First aid appliances recommended by the medical community,



vacuum pump



big cup



Small cup




1 volume


iodophor tablets

2 tablets


Alcohol tablets

2 tablets

outer box


Attention ALICE friends who like to go out for an outingalt

First aid venom extractor - your life-saving product!

Travelers who often travel outdoors will encounter the experience of being attacked by snakes, insects, rats and ants. Most of these creatures are harmless, but those who like to explore often come close to the deep mountains and wild forests. The loose leaves and dense grass are some poisonous snakes. The perfect hiding place, what should I do if I am accidentally bitten by a snake... Haha! Everyone will think like the heroes in the film and television, suck the venom out of your mouth . But, you are wrong, using drugs by mouth is neither hygienic nor safe, and there is a risk of another person being poisoned. However, now, we have this new product, which is easy to operate, convenient and safe, and uses the pressure of air to directly squeeze the venom out. Equipped with disinfectant wipes and alcohol tablets, the wound can be treated quickly and easily ...

Guys, what are you still hesitating about...

Product Image



Blue 800

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Venom Vacuum Aspirator Features:

1. Remove more poisons,

2. Provide more suction,

3. No other items are required,

4. Suitable for children  

5. Also help bees, mosquito bites,

6. First aid appliances recommended by the medical community,

First Aid, First Aid~

• Take a deep breath and observe the patient calmly before deciding and implementing first aid

• At the same time, ask the patient not to panic and nervous, which can easily spread the venom to other parts of the body

First aid for snake bites:

1. Avoid inhaling by mouth, so as to avoid wounds in the rescuers' mouths, which may cause poisoning or infection of the patient's wounds.

2. Do not use rubber tourniquets or other substances to block arterial and venous blood flow, which may cause more severe swelling and necrosis of the limbs.

3. Do not cut local wounds: Venom is often injected into deeper tissues and absorbed quickly, so cutting the wound cannot clear the venom, which is easy to cause infection or the wrong cutting method will cause the wound to heal poorly.

4. Do not use ice packs or electric shocks, which will cause vasoconstriction or necrosis, worsen local blood circulation, and worsen swelling and necrosis of limbs.

5. Do not drink alcohol or coffee, tea irritating substances, so as not to promote blood circulation, but make the venom absorption faster . dg



Carton Size: 49x32x28cm

GW: 9kgs / NW: 8kgs

Customer Service Lily: Tel: 13928803423 020-22091959 qq: 1276179684

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