Rongfeng 10cm Stainless Steel Funnel Large Cone With Removable Filter Small Mini 24cm Kitchen Tools Wholesale

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Price Updated on June 07, 2022
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Note: The specifications are followed by the corresponding number of boxes. In order to facilitate the notification of wholesale customers, the default is 1.


1. For retail/consignment purchases, you can place an order directly, and the system automatically calculates the freight (including: packaging cost + courier cost) for customers who are less than the number of boxes per package, and will not accept bargaining.
2. Customers who place an order for the whole piece, after submitting the order, contact customer service to remove the freight, and ordinary logistics will pay on delivery. Express logistics such as door-to-door delivery is required. (Ordinary logistics has no logistics information, the time is slow, and the freight is cost-effective. The express delivery type has logistics information, which can track the logistics situation in real time, and the freight is high)
3. After receiving your order, the warehouse will arrange for you to send it out one after another. The customer service will contact you for other problems such as out of stock in about 1-3 days. Large orders are discussed separately.
4. Large quantities can support product OEM and logo printing

5. Support one-piece delivery, details can be discussed with customer service

6. The above prices do not include filters, and the filters need to be photographed separately (links of filters and small brushes)

7. The price of the webpage is the ex-factory price without tax, and you need to bill and chat with customer service privately!


If you have any questions, please contact customer service. When the customer service is busy, you can leave a message directly, and you will definitely reply when you see it!

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