Solar Ultrasonic Bird Repeller, Snake Repeller, Cat Repeller, Dog Repeller, Infrared Light Flashing, Animal Repeller

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Price Updated on February 12, 2022
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1. The product uses infrared thermal release sensor. The sensitivity of the

sensor to animals is related to the direction of movement. It is not sensitive

to radial movement, but sensitive to cross cutting movement. It means that

if the animal is stationary or approaches the product in a straight line without

cross cutting movement, the infrared can not be sensed, and the product

cannot work on the animal.

2. It uses the infrared detection principle to detect small animals and send

out ultrasonic waves to drive them away. It can help you stay away from the

harassment of annoying stray dogs, stray cats and other small animals, so as

to protect your property, your garden and your yard.

As it is a portable design product, it can be installed anywhere in your home,

garden or yard. This product can be used with low-voltage power supply and

battery. This product only drives away animals without any chemicals. It

sends out ultrasonic frequency to drive them away. It will not do any harm to

human body

1) Speaker: This product can emit high frequency to drive away animals

2) PIR mobile detector: This is an infrared sensor that constantly outputs

signals. When it senses that a moving animal is in the detection range, it will

automatically send out sound wave frequency to drive the animal, and the

LED indicator will also light up.

3) When the infrared ray senses that the animal is far away, the LED

indicator will automatically turn off.

4) The new product has the functions of light flash, sound and frequency

adjustment, sensitivity adjustment, more targeted and better effect in

driving animals.

5th gear frequency adjustment:

Gear 0: off

Gear 1: 13.5khz-19.5khz, mainly for mice, dogs, rabbits, foxes, minks and

other animals.

Second gear: 19.5khz-24.5khz, mainly for cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks

and other animals.

Gear 3: 24.5khz-45.5khz, mainly for bats, birds, mice and other animals.

Level 4: LED strong flash, which can drive raccoons, snakes, boars, minks

and other animals.

Level 5: LED light burst 5.50khz, full band animal driving plus light burst. All

functions work at the same time. The frequency from the first gear to the

fifth gear works in turn, accompanied by strong LED flash.

Packing quantity: 40 boxes / box

Outer box size 59.9 * 49 * 33cm

Net weight: 18kg

Gross weight: 19kg

1 set net weight: 0.4KG

Product size: 15 * 6 * 14

1 set of package size: 15.5 * 14.5 * 9cm



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