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Suitable For IPHONE 12 Apple's Official Website With The Same Magnetic Liquid Silicone Mobile Phone Case With Packaging IC Animation

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Price Updated on July 20, 2022
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One: About ordering
1. Online negotiation, directly click Want Want to contact customer service
2. Shenzhen Sales Department:
Contact: Mr. Ma, please contact our receptionist before placing an order. 2: Customized process The customer provides the design draft, our company confirms the document, the customer pays the proofing fee and deposit, our company arranges the proofing and sends the sample, and the customer confirms that the sample meets the standard Agree to production, our company arranges production, and the customer pays the balance before shipment.
Three: Regarding special requirements, our company defaults to packaging each piece of goods with white card head PP hanging bag packaging and paper cards, ten or fifty in a large package (large package does not mix models and colors), each 500-1500 Pack a carton (55*35*45CM). If there are other special requirements, please explain clearly to our business receptionist, and the cost incurred by the customer's request shall be borne by the customer. If there are no special requirements, we will arrange production according to industry practices or default specifications. If the special requirements are not clearly stated before the order is placed, and the special requirements are not met after the shipment, we will not return them.
Four: Regarding the price, all the products of our company are at the factory price by default. The price of the products needs to be negotiated with the salesman. (a lot of discounts)
The price of the digital market changes frequently, and the buyer should order the goods based on the price of the day, and cannot ask for a refund on the grounds that the price of the ordered goods has been reduced.
Five: About chromatic aberration The pictures on the Alibaba website of our company are all taken in kind. Due to factors such as camera, light, shooting technology, display color performance and other factors, there may be some differences between the real object and the picture, please understand. If the color requirements are relatively high, please send the sample to the factory.
Six: Regarding the delivery date, we will arrange production for you as soon as possible after payment and ship it to you as soon as possible. Due to unpredictable accidents in material supply, production, processing, packaging, logistics and other links, the actual delivery date There may be some differences with the estimated delivery time. If the delivery time is particularly demanding, please communicate with our business in advance before placing an order.
We will try our best to deliver according to the customer's requirements, and some of them need to send express (logistics) for the convenience of customers, but we do not guarantee that the designated express (logistics) will be sent.
Seven: Regarding returns and exchanges, all our products will undergo strict quality inspection, specification inspection and quantity inspection before shipment, but if there are quality, specification or quantity problems after receiving the goods, please contact our salesman in time. After the salesman confirms that it is our problem, we can return, exchange and replenish the goods for free, and the freight and other expenses incurred shall be borne by the customer.
Express (logistics) supplementary instructions:
For express delivery (logistics), please ask the buyer to inspect the goods in person when receiving the goods. If the courier needs to sign first and then inspect the goods, please ask the courier to inspect the goods on the spot. If there is a transportation problem with the goods, the courier needs to provide third-party corroboration and provide relevant photos and other materials in time to facilitate our claim processing. If the courier finds a problem after leaving, we will not be able to collect evidence or make a claim for the buyer.
Customers are requested to contact the salesperson before purchasing to inquire about the transportation, packaging, specifications, etc. of the products to be purchased, so that you can accurately know the detailed information of the products and reduce unnecessary misunderstandings.

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