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Water Drop Round Dog Training Clicker Pet Dog Training Device Pet Training Clicker Dog Dog Clicker Pet Sounder

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Price Updated on August 30, 2022
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Product name: dog training clicker, pet clicker pet trainer

Material: ABS

Product size: 60mm*40mm*17.5mm

Gram weight: 22g

Color; red, black, blue, white, yellow, sky blue, green

Accessories: keychain + black spring rope

Logo printable

Instructions for use: Press the button to train a dog or other pet.

Remarks: The above price is excluding tax and shipping, OPP bag packaging.

Steps for usage:

1. Issue a password, such as sit down, wait, jump through the fire ring, etc.

2. The dog acts according to the password

3. Press Clicker

4. Reward the dog with Treat treats

5. The owner is dark in his heart and wants to say that this dog is really deceiving

6. The dog's heart is also dark and happy. If he wants to say it is so simple, he will be deceived. The dog will act according to the password.


Clicker training can train dogs in home training, basic obedience, tricks, and correct bad behavior. For example: fixed-point excretion, cage training, searching, tracking, shaking hands, bowing, standing up, paying homage, rolling, pretending to be dead, closing doors, turning on lights, turning off lights, picking up, picking up toys by yourself, and correcting excessive barking, chaos Biting, jumping at people, violently pulling the rope, chasing, begging, picking up food, serving the table, going to the sofa, going to bed, attacking, not being able to recall... and so on. This magical power can only be felt when entering the clicker world!








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