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Wholesale Aluminum Alloy Strong Light Flashlight P50 Lamp Beads USB Cable Charging Outdoor Zoom Long-range Lighting Flashlight 5 Gears

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Price Updated on July 20, 2022
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product quality problem:
Warranty: For all flashlight products, the minimum warranty period is one month, and the product warranty period starts from the date of issue
All our products are fully inspected when they leave the factory. If the buyer finds any problems after receiving the goods, please contact us in time within 24 hours. The return postage is explained as follows:
(1): If there is a quality problem within 7 days after the buyer receives the goods, the shop will bear the round-trip postage!
(Please pay the freight first when sending it, our company does not accept any delivery; if we receive the bad item, we will help you to replace it and return the freight to you.)
(2): Within 7~15 days, the buyer should bear the postage for sending back!
(3): After 15 days, the return postage will be borne by the buyer!
Since the lithium battery is a consumable item, please check whether the battery is used normally after receiving the goods, and use it in a standardized manner in the future use.
As long as the battery is not exhausted, it can be used for a long time. Because the battery has no memory, there is no life period. The battery will be scrapped once the battery is exhausted.
Regardless of whether the battery is protected or not, if it is not used for a long time, it needs to be stored with power, otherwise self-discharge may cause the battery to break down.
If there is no problem within 24 hours of receiving the goods, it will be regarded as normal. If the battery is found to have problems after 24 hours, the warranty will not be given, please pay attention to the buyer



Incomplete goods received:
Before the buyer signs for the goods, be sure to confirm whether the packaging is in good condition, and then sign for it!
Under the premise of intact packaging, if the buyer finds that the goods are missing, please do the following:
(1): Weigh the goods immediately, and pay attention to put all the packaging back! [Our store is weighed before delivery, just to facilitate customers to check]
(2): Return the packaging of the goods to their original appearance and take pictures with a digital camera
Send the package courier number, the actual weight of the goods, and the existing package pictures to the after-sales customer service, we will check the package information as soon as possible and give a reply!



Damaged goods received:
All our products are strictly checked before they are sent out, and all goods are qualified finished products!
If the buyer finds that the received goods are damaged, it must be caused by express transportation, do not sign for it! Because once the receipt is signed, there is no problem with express delivery by default, and it will not help to find the theory again! For your and my interests, remember to check before signing!




1. Our products are not perfect products. Please do not ask for perfection on the surface of the products. After all, they are all handmade by employees one by one. But we guarantee that we will do our best to control the quality of our products at the same time of low profit. This is our commitment to you.
2. The products are all shot under natural light, so that the product can show its own color as much as possible, but it will inevitably be affected by many factors such as weather, light, display color difference, and there may be color difference, which is not regarded as a quality problem. Please ask customers who have this concern before buying.
4. Each product will be fully inspected before shipment! However, it is inevitable that the product will still produce bad products in the hands of customers. Factory quality problems, we promise: can be returned. Our profit has been controlled to a minimum, mainly based on running volume, and cannot withstand the toss of postage (after all, this is not Taobao). If there is any defect, please keep it properly, and return it to us together after accumulating a certain amount. We will clean up your return as appropriate, debit it or send it back to you with the shipment. Therefore, the cost of return and exchange should be borne by the customer yourself, and all returned freight will be rejected. Thank you for your cooperation!
5. It should be noted that the returned products and packaging must be complete and clean. Self-disassembly and artificial damage will not be returned. After we receive the returned product, we will inspect it and confirm that it is in good condition, and will immediately arrange for return.


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