Xboxone Gamepad One Host Controller Private Model New Gamepad Pc Vibration Controller

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Shenzhen Jiayin Hongwang Electronics has been specialized in R&D and production of video game peripheral accessories, game controllers and other products for decades. It is a diversified modern company with a complete and scientific quality management system. Shenzhen Jiayin Hongwang Electronics has been recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business! Large quantity and preferential, custom-made samples!

Powerful factory, strict product QC, and the defective rate is almost 0

Contact number; Miss Qiu 13728640513 Q: 164621342





Xboxone game controller latest private model Xboxone controller Xboxone has

Wire handle factory


Any version of XBOXONE host can use this rubberized handle, including the National Bank host! The handle peripherals are common to all versions of the host.

The XBOXONE wired controller can be used on a PC. It is equipped with the driver just released by Microsoft. The wireless also needs to wait for Microsoft to release the wireless receiver before it can be used.


Button function description:


1: VIEW key 2: MENU 3: Big X key 4: Arrow keys 5: A key


6: B key 7: X key 8: Y key 9: Left stick 10: Left stick


11: RT key: 12: RB key 13: Channel indicator 14: LT key


15: LB key 16: 3.5MM headphone jack


Electrical specifications : →


1. Working voltage: 5V


2. Working current: 100MA


3. Four signal channel indicator LEDs


4. Support dual vibration function games


5. Product quality: ABS material


6. Product weight: 270g


7. Product size: 155*105*65MM


8. Wire length: 2.2 meters exposed


Operation method :


1. Connect the wires such as the power supply and video output of the XBOX ONE host. Then turn on the power switch of the host, there is a corresponding power indicator on the host, and then connect the USB plug on the XBOX ONE wired handle to the USB interface on the XBOX ONE host. The four channel indicators on the handle will light up.


2. Press the A key to enter, you can operate.


3. Put the game disc you want to play into the host, use the handle to enter the game according to the game screen prompts, and perform related operations.


4. If the XBOX ONE host is connected to the network, you can connect to a 3.5MM plug headset with voice function for voice calls.


5. The default key values of all function keys are the same as the original handle keys.


6. Matters needing attention:


1. Please read the product manual before use. .


2. When the handle is connected to the host, it is not recommended to plug and unplug frequently, the plugging frequency is once every 10 seconds.


2. Please knock or beat this product strongly in a hurry.


3. Do not allow liquid or small metals to enter the product.


4. Do not bend the main line of this product forcefully.


5. Do not use or store this product in a high temperature or humid environment.


6. If there is no signal connection with the host, please unplug the USB plug line at the handle end and re-insert the XBOX ONE host after 20 seconds.













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