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Dropshipping Case Study 1: How I Dropship without AliExpress?

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Pro-Services With SupDropshipping

Growth seemingly always comes with pain. For David, who was in the process of scaling his dropshipping business, it was true. David looked for solution in Facebook groups and got in touch with SupDropshipping.

Unstable Supply
David's worst nightmare when he was trying to scale up his product was that suppliers would suddenly run out of stock every now and then. He had to reassure restless customers all the time.

Overwhelmed by fulfilling orders

As more orders came in, it became stressful for David to send excel sheets to the suppliers to fulfill the orders as it took up too much time.


Pre-Order Inventory

Using our service, David can purchase inventory in advance and store it in our warehouse for free. Orders for stock products can be processed on the same day.

Automated Order Fulfillment

By connecting the Shopify store to our platform, you can synchronize orders and pay in bulk. The tracking number is automatically uploaded to his store. The pain of order fulfillment has been resolved.


Stable inventory and fast order processing enable David to safely expand his business with fewer customer problems.

His sales went from 25 pieces a day to more than 100 ⬆.


"Great Experience With SupDopshipping"

" Hi everyone, I am David. I make this video to recommend Supdropshipping to everyone and also to recommend Doris who has been helping me with dropshipping business. A half-year ago, I started my dropshipping business. Before I found Supdropshipping, I was fulfilling my orders with Aliexpress for some small products and I basically got in touch with the supplier and send them an excel message and they download the excel and fulfill the order. With Supdropshipping, they connect their app directly to my store, and everything is synchronized and the task is much easier. And my personal agent Doris has always been very supportive and patient. His communication skill is great and his response is always in time. I'm pretty happy and satisfy with them. It is a great agent that I' ll highly recommend you to use. Sincerely, Subdropshipping's business is getting better and better.

The scary part was basically to get in touch with the supplier and the way to do it is to send excels files to the supplier on a daily basis and that takes time, a real time-consuming.

They get for me the best price in the market and the best product, my orders fulfillment are lightning fast, so I just sink my orders in the system, I pay them and the shipping process will start.

They do anything possible to make sure you are work close to close by trying to make your business flexible and easier, it is more of a partnership because they really trying to make your business grow while you are helping them as well. that is one of the biggest differences I appreciate with SupDropshipping. "





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