Automatic fulfillment

​Order fulfillment center

Authorize stores and experience a hands-off fulfillment of orders

Auto management

Order management

We have integrated with multiple platforms, so all you need to do is connect your store to Sup, and you can manage all your orders on Sup Dropshipping. Calculate your cost expenditure and profits to lay a solid foundation for your future plans. With our assistance, you can focus solely on sales as we handle all your orders, including those from various platforms.

  • Sync orders in real time
  • All Status of the orders
  • Time saving and Risk Free

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Auto management

Merge Orders

Our service allows you to merge orders when a customer purchases multiple items. By combining these orders into one shipment, we help you save on logistics costs. Additionally, if you want to offer bundled sales of different items, we enable multiple order merging and payment, making your sales more flexible and appealing.

  • Save Order Handling Time
  • Save Order Shipping cost
  • Easier to manage multiple orders

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Automatic fulfill

Auto Fulfillment

When your store gets orders, we automatically sync all the information for you. You only need to choose the corresponding logistics based on your customer’s requirements. This frees up much of your time to focus on scaling your business.

  • Automatic fulfill your orders
  • Auto Sync tracking info to your store
  • High efficient and energy saving

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Speed up process time

Pre-order Inventory

To enhance customer satisfaction, reduce processing times, and gain better control over your promotion items, consider using pre-order inventory by storing some products in the Sup Dropshipping warehouse. Improving customer satisfaction is a crucial factor in getting more repeat orders.

  • Better Customer Experience
  • Reduce Processing time
  • Prevent inventory shortage during peak seasons

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Tracking Info Sync

After your store orders are shipped, customers expect quick delivery. We sync the logistics information to your store, allowing you to track the shipment’s progress and provide real-time updates to your customers.

  • Tracking of shipments in real time
  • Auto Sync Tracking Info to your store
  • Warning system

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Issue Invoice

If you or your customers require invoices, you can manually or batch download invoices in the dashboard after completing the payment.

  • Keep Proof of Payment
  • Transaction Record Keeping
  • Invoice Tracking

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Bulk Payment

Processing multiple orders separately can be time-consuming. Therefore, we offer a feature that allows you to pay for multiple orders together. After reviewing any special requests from your customers, you can proceed with batch payment, simplifying and speeding up the store order processing.

  • Time saving
  • Reduce Handling fee
  • Speed up order Handling

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Quality Inspection

We provide quality inspection services before shipping your orders. Based on your requirements, we can provide photos or videos to check for any issues that may affect normal usage, damages, color discrepancies, etc., ensuring the integrity of your items.

  • Complimentary check on each order
  • Reducing return rate
  • Inspection record available

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Product Importer

When you find a promising product in any marketplace, you can stay ahead of competitors by using Sup Dropshipping to import and list it in your store. Our various tools help you estimate costs and ensure timely fulfillment.

  • Aliexpress or URL Supported
  • Product Information Instantly Translated
  • One-click Listing to Your Store
  • Better-priced Product Sources Recommendation

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Fast Listing

List your products on the main online sales channels in just a few minutes

  • One click Listing
  • Major sales channels
  • Recommended Retail Price
  • Multi-language Listing
  • Smart Pricing Strategy
  • Mapping Various SKU

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Flexible Shipping

Sup Dropshipping offers a wide range of flexible and reliable shipping options, tailored to various product catalogs like liquids, toys, electronics, etc. Having multiple shipping methods allows you to have more choices on your store products.

  • Multiple shipping carriers at competitive prices
  • Covering various product catalogs
  • Returns and reverse logistics

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Customized Packaging

Enhance the unboxing experience for your customers by customizing your own logos, thank-you cards, greeting cards, labels, etc. Having your own packaging is also the first step in building your brand identity, allowing customers to recognize your brand instantly.

  • Custom Package Box&Bag
  • Custom Hanging Tag
  • Custom Collar Label
  • Custom Sticker
  • And more

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Order Uploading

If the platform your store locates is not presently integrated with Sup, no worries. It’s easy to upload your store order within seconds, and make good use of our best-priced product resources, as well as fulfillment service.

  • One click import
  • Bulk order upload
  • Instant processing

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Personal Agent

Having an experienced personal agent can help you avoid potential problems and fulfill orders more efficiently. Our professional team have over 10 years of experience in the industry and is available 24/7 to promptly solve any inquiries or concerns from you.

  • 24/7 support
  • Customer service support
  • Multiple channels contact

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Free Storage

As your online store scales up, purchasing inventory in advance can reduce processing times, shorten delivery time span, thus enhancing customer shopping experience. Our warehouse offers 2 months of complimentary storage time.

  • 60 Days Free Storage
  • Reduce Processing time
  • Better Customer Experience

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Local collections

Explore our B2B Shop and find branded products in Sup Dropshipping’s global warehouses. Selling these products can increase profits due to shorter logistics time and improved customer experience. Our warehouse will handle return and change for these products.

  • Swift shipping
  • Hassle-free to handle Return and Change
  • Localized catalogs

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