Shopify Dropshipping Complete Guide to Shipping Solutions

This guide will cover all the topics you need to know about shipping for Shopify Dropshipping. We are here to support you from sourcing, purchasing, and warehousing to shipping around the world. Grow your dropshipping business and leave the hard work to us.

Shipping from China to the USA

The USA is considered as the largest market for most drop shippers and is the country where we ship the most packages for our clients.

Yes you need an agent to support.

Price and timeframe are the primary two aspects to consider when choosing a shipping method. We can tell from the table below, the most cost & time-efficient choices from China to the USA are USPS, Yunexpress,(add our shipping line if have), and Yanwen Ordinary.

100g Ordinary Products

Data as of 7 August 2020 ( Need to review this data?)

Shipping methods
Shipping Cost
Average Delivery Time
Trackable or not
Delivery Confirmation


15-35 Day(s)





10-22 Day(s)





12-26 Day(s)



DHL Official


3-7 Day(s)



EMS Guangzhou


15-35 Day(s)



ePacket Yiwu


12-50 Day(s)



Yanwen Ordinary


8-25 Day(s)



Yanwen Sensitive


8-25 Day(s)



Notice: The shipping costs given above are estimates. Shipping rates are subject to change at any time, especially during special times such as epidemics. For the latest shipping rates, you can register and check with our shipping calculator.

Taxes & Customs

In 2016, the USA increased the minimum threshold for customs duties from $200 to $800, which means most goods valued below $800 are not subject to duties or taxes.

If the package has duties applied, it is your customer who is responsible for paying customs duties (or import taxes) on the items shipped from China across the US border. Make sure you add such information on your store so that your customers are aware that the items they ordered may come from abroad so they should expect to pay customs duties. The point of being upfront is to protect you from complaints or refund requests because of customs costs.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

There are items that are prohibited or restricted by law to enter the US. You need to avoid or pay attention to these items when deciding on your dropshipping products if you want your customers to receive their packages with no problems.

Such items are listed below:








Absinthe (Alcohol)

Alcoholic Beverages

Dog and Cat Fur

Drug Paraphernalia

Fish and Wildlife

Ceramic Tableware

Fruits and Vegetables

Photographic Film

Game and Hunting Trophies

Haitian Animal Hide Drums

Prior Notice for Food Importation

Plants and Seeds

Textiles and Clothing

Food Products (Raw and Prepared)

Defense Articles or Items with Military or Proliferation Applications

Cultural Artifacts and Cultural Property

Trademark and Copyrighted Articles

For details, please refer to Prohibited and Restricted Items

Shipping from the USA to the USA

It would be best if you had private inventory in the local warehouses. Providing lightning delivery is one of the practical ways to win a customer’s heart. Keep reading and you’ll learn the fastest way of bringing parcels to your US-based customers.

Shipping Cost & Time from the USA to the USA

Shipping from the US warehouses costs a little bit more than shipping from China to the US but in return, it improves shipping times by triple.

100g Ordinary Products Data as of 7 August 2020

Note: The shipping rate given above is an estimate. Shipping rates are subject to change at any time, especially during special times such as epidemics. For the latest shipping rates, you can register and check with our shipping calculator.

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How can shipping from the US warehouses boost your dropshipping business?

Let’s see the truth: Dropshipping as a business model isn’t perfect. The feature of dropshipping has the attraction of flexibility, which you don’t need to pay upfront for inventory. Yet that’s precisely where its limitation lies. Holding no inventory means you lack control, especially during high seasons and holidays such as Christmas and Chinese New Year, when products may run out of stock and shipping times may be extended.

At a certain point in your dropshipping journey, when you are ready to scale, you can make good use of our US warehouses to bring your business to another level. Let’s take a look at the benefits that using our US warehouses can bring you.

Keep selling on holidays

Many experienced drop shippers suspend their Facebook ads during the Chinese New Year as Chinese suppliers and logistics companies go on vacation. By purchasing inventory at our US warehouses in advance, you can keep running ads and have your orders shipped without delay. That will get you ahead of your competitors who have to stop due to being out of stock.

Meet the needs of country-sensitive customers

Some customers may be sensitive to which country or region the package is being sent from. By shipping from the US warehouses, parcels won’t show information such as “Ship from China”.

Expedite order processing and delivery

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