Our History

JUNE 2010

The Journey Begins

Our team starts operating as a sourcing agency, assisting small to medium-sized business owners with their procurement needs.
2010June 01

Engagement of E-commerce

We develop expertise in supporting online sellers on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, helping them grow their businesses.

2013March 05

Explosive Growth of E-commerce

With the rapid expansion of international e-commerce, more online sellers seek cost-effective products from China. Sourcing products from China becomes a challenge due to language barriers, minimum order quantities, and shipping logistics.

2015July 21

The Birth of Sup Dropshipping

Recognizing the struggles faced by online sellers, we decide to create a dropshipping platform to simplify the sourcing and shipping process. Sup Dropshipping is established as a solution to help online sellers source products from trusted suppliers in China at competitive prices.

2021April 15

Aiding Global Sourcing

Our platform offer support to online sellers who source from popular China wholesale websites like 1688 and Yiwugo, becoming a bridge for wholesalers and dropshippers. We have established collaboration with multiple branded suppliers with distribution centers worldwide, offering more local goods and faster shipping time.

2022MAY 10

The Sup Dropshipping 2.0

Sup Dropshipping continues to evolve and improve our platform and services. We strive to serve every client better and help them earn a successful online business.

2023August 02

We’d love to engage with you

At Sup Dropshipping, we are dedicated to helping online sellers worldwide source products effortlessly, achieve profitability, and expand their businesses.

With our commitment to quality, reliable shipping, and zero inventory, we empower entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best – growing their online businesses.

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