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01 How to Become a Sup Dropshipper

Follow the steps below and take only a few minutes to become one of us!

Step 1: Register for FREE

Click Sign Up Now on Sup Dropshipping home page.

sign up on Sup Dropshipping

Step 2: Input Information

Input your Email, Password, and Confirm Password.

filling info

Step 3: Success

Congratulations! You are a Sup Dropshipper now.

Step 4: Verify

One more step, you need to verify your account with email. Click on Verify Email on the mall page.

verify email

Click on Send to get the verification code email, and check your inbox. Then input the code in the box and click Verify.

send verify email

02 Connect Store

You can connect your stores with Sup to fulfill your orders in one click. Take the Shopify stores as an example.

Go to the Dashboard > Stores > Shopify

Input your store name and click on Authorize button. You can connect your stores with Sup in seconds.

Learn more about how to install Sup Shopify App.

Here are the tutorials for connection with other platforms.

Learn how to connect Amazon store with Sup.

Learn how to connect Etsy store with Sup.

Learn how to connect Tiktok Shop with Sup.

connect store

If you cannot connect your store with SUP, you may check here to learn how to work with us without store connection.

03 Sourcing and Listing Products

There are 2 ways to help you find the products you want.

No.1 : Image sourcing

Upload a picture of your product.

Upload a picture of your product

Wait for a few seconds until the result comes out.

Sourcing results

We suggest you choose the recommended products, as they are from qualified suppliers and are often at better prices. You can directly click the Buy it now button to take a test order, or List to your store.

List the recommended product

Otherwise, if you choose to import products from other suppliers, PLEASE NOTE that the product will be inspected by Sup after some time, which may cause changes in shipping price, as original information may not be precise.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to check your imported products list and list it to your store.

import product

You may change all details of the product here, and be sure to set up the price for all variants.

You can set the price for all variants in bulk by inputing figure in the Set Price bar.

The Translate button can be used to turn most of the descriptions and specifications into English.

NOTE: The Chinese words in description pictures can not be translated, you can contact our customer service for assistance.

list the product to your store

Make sure everything is done, and agree to our terms & policy, then you can click the list it to store button at the bottom to submit listing request.

Wait until the result page comes out, and you can go to check it in your store now!

your product is listed successfully

Getting confused with the terms of dropshipping? Check out our glossary for explanations!

No.2: Placing Sourcing Requests

a. Source for products already in your store

Want to find a better price for the products from your store? Click Source for me and tell us your expected cost. We’ll handle the sourcing and send the best quotes to you.

Click Source for me

You can check out status of your requests in the Sourcing Results Column.

Check your sourcing results

If your product is successfully found, you can click on the View button, and click on the replied product address. Here we take another product for example.

sourcing results 2

You can list the product to store or purchase a test order on the details page.

purchase a test order

b. Find new products for your store

If you would like to find a new product for your store, switch to FIND NEW PRODUCT tab.

Find a new product

Fill in as much information as possible, as this will speed up the process of finding your product.

The results are also shown in the Sourcing Results Column.

No.3: Source from other sites

If you find any products interested from other wholesale supplying sites like 1688.com, you can import it to your list here.

Copy and paste the link of product page, or simply search with the keywords from the product name.

NOTE: Don’t forget to list the imported products to your store!

import products

Want to source for products from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Aliexpress, DHgate, Taobao, or Myshopify backstage? Try our Sup Scraper!

04 Order management

List or Connect our products in your store, and don’t forget to set profit margins. Once orders were placed by your customers, Sup will take care of all the rest for you!

No.1: Store Orders

You can sync and check your store orders here. The tabs are in same order with the fulfillment process.

Complete all information and payment to start processing of your order.

Check here to learn more about how to sync and fulfill the orders.

store orders

NOTE: You can search or screen all your store orders here, but be sure to SYNC your store orders to SUP first.

No.2: Purchase Orders

You can directly purchase products from Sup, and manage the orders here.

Learn more about how to purchase products from Sup.

Purchase products

No.3: Imported Orders

You can check and manage the orders imported from other platforms here.

Check your imported orders

Now It ‘s time to start a remarkable business with Sup!

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Enjoy Sup Dropshipping, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.