How to Fulfill Orders on Sup Dropshipping?

Step 1. Sync Orders

If your Shopify store is connected with Sup, your orders will be automatically synced to Orders>> Store orders. If you can not find your order here, please click the Sync button to import orders manually.

Step 2. Connect Products

Once an order is confirmed in your store, the order information will be automatically synced here. You may double-check it and make sure to click on the Connect Product button before going on.

Step 3. Confirm Order Information

When the connection is done, it’s time to select your shipping method and confirm shipping information.

If Sup cannot recognize the shipping address, you may fix it manually.

If you have purchased your own customized packaging in Sup, it is time to apply them to your products here. How to purchase? Check it here!

select packaging 1
select packaging 2
select packaging 3

Step 4. Make Payment

You are all set now, and the next step is to click Pay Now on each order to pay for a specific order, or check the tickbox next to Bulk Payment to pay for all your orders at once.

Step 5. Pending for Confirmation

Once we have received the payment, your orders will move to Pending Tab, and our fulfillment professionals will review your orders carefully to check if there are any problems to fix.

Step 6. Processing

Once your orders are confirmed, they will be moved to the Processing tab. We will start processing right away and convey all your requirements to the suppliers. This may take 1-3 days, as our processing team will make a careful quality inspection and double-check with logistics before shipping.

Step 7. Fulfilled

Once your products are shipped, the orders will move to Fulfilled tab. Tracking info for your shipping order can be checked here, and automatically synced to your connected store.

Step 8. Completed

All orders delivered and received will move to the Completed tab, you can review or open a dispute if there is any problem with the product. Our dedicated agent will help you out.

Enjoy Sup Dropshipping, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Hello Dear,

    We are interested in your services and we want to know if you have Shopify App available and what is the name of the app. If not, Let me know how we can connect my Shopify store with you. I want to more about your US warehouse and how we can stock products in the US wse, what are requisites.


  2. Can you tell me how can i place test order with out connecting my store? or it is compulsory to connect store? i am a successful dropshipper and i want to try your product quality and shipping services? kindly let me know..thank you

    wait for your reply

  3. Ola, posso comprar de bastante quantidades?
    Tem como conectar o mercado livre para fazer dropshipping?

  4. hola,
    estoy intentando conectar mi tienda con vosotros y no lo he conseguido.
    sera porque no veo los videos explicativos en castellano?solo los teneis en ingles??

  5. Hello Admin,

    Good Evening!

    I just want to make it clear that is it possible to connect my Amazon Store with SupDropshioing plz?
    Do you provide services for Amazon Dropshipping Store? If possible, then kindly guide me about the detailed procedure plz?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

  6. Oii, gostaria de saber se é possível sincronizar seu produto com a minha loja na shopee e no mercado livre ? vcs mandam pro Brasil ??

  7. Hi, I want to know that can I use your platform for my Amazon store? I want to dropship using my Amazon Store

  8. I am interested in using your services for Shopee Philippines, is it supported? If so, I would like to know the delivery time from your nearest warehouse to Philippines? Thank you!

    Hope to start a good business relationship with your company. 🙂

  9. I didn’t like the indifference with which Brazilians were treated in the comments.
    When the bootlicker sees a Dutchman he gets all excited!

  10. Hi:
    may I find out what if customers want a refund or exchange of products listed in the shopify store from Custom dropshipping? Does SUP help us in handle refund or does the shop owners have to handle that themselves?

    • Hi there,
      Thank you for your question.

      For customized products, you can request a refund or replacement if your customer receives damaged, wrong items or products with missing parts.
      To learn more about how to request for a refund or replacement, you can refer to our Dispute Policy.
      You can also contact your dedicated agent for assistance.

      Have a nice day!
      Sup Dropshipping

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