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How to Deal with Delays during the 2024 Chinese New Year Festival?

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The 2024 Chinese Lunar New Year, also called Spring Festival, is just around the corner. It officially lasts 7 days from Feb.10th to Feb.17th. But it may actually last for a longer time and can impact all businesses related to China.
How will this traditional festival affect your business on earth? And how to minimize its negative impact?
You will get an answer in this article. Keep reading!

Problems May Encounter During Chinese New Year Festival

Employees in factories and logistics companies in China are from all around the country. After being away from home for a whole year, they can be yearning for family gatherings. Moreover, the Chinese government has eased the COVID restrictions, which means a number of people can get infected since the policy. To minimize the chance of infection when taking public tranports, many workers will take extended leaves ahead of the festival to travel the long way back to their hometown.

Products May Be Out of Stock

Though some factories hire local workers to reduce the impact, they still have to face the shortage of production manpower. Therefore, all products may be delayed for 10 to 15 days before the holiday starts, which is around mid-January this year. During the festival period, most factories will stop production for about 15 days from the end of January to mid-February. Stocked products will be rapidly consuming during this time, and POD products will be delayed.

Even if these factories restore their production after the festival, they need some time to prepare for the production. Also, their workers may need to be quarantined for a short period when returning to work from their hometown because of high infection risks. So the lack of production ability may continue until the end of February.

Shipping May Be Delayed

The Spring Festival holiday not only reduces the labor force, but also absorbs a large number of transporting power. This will lead to highway jams and flight delays, as all people working away from their hometown will return for a family reunion during the Festival. That will affect logistics efficiency and prices, or even disrupt transportation routes.

During the Festival, even if senders are willing to pay a high price for shipping, still no one can guarantee that their packages can be delivered on time. This is applied to nearly all logistics methods within the China border. Some of the international shipping companies may also be influenced, as their local employees may also be taking a leave.

Solutions and Suggestions

Reduce Advertising Budget

During the Spring Festival period, it is common to encounter problems such as slow logistics and out-of-stock. We suggest that sellers reduce the advertising budget to control the sales amount, and restore it after the mid of February.

Make Reminders or Direct Changes

It is suggested to make reminders to let your customers know about the possible delay. For example, you can send email notifications to inform your existing customers about the shipping delay or write a warm reminder of the shipping time on the product detailed page.

Also, you can make direct modifications to shipping times and explain the reasons why the shipping time is extended to your customers.

Such measures will be helpful to reduce customer complaints and improve their retention.

Wholesale Purchasing

Purchasing wholesale products and shipping them to a designated location can be a good choice. Storing goods in rented warehouses or Amazon FBA warehouses, will be easier for sellers to control over shipping time. For some products that require quick delivery, or some businesses including online and offline retailing, wholesale is the best solution.

Purchase in advance

The other choice for sellers is to pre-order the products. Sup Dropshipping will be in charge to store the products in our warehouses in China or overseas. This option can be most convenient and economic for online sellers, especially dropshippers. We strongly recommend it for sellers who don’t want their business to be affected during the Spring Festival. And you can pay at Only 30% of the product price for your preoder inventory at Sup Dropshipping now!

a. China Warehouse

Pre-order at our warehouse in China, and no need to worry about out-of-stock problems. The factory will send the products to our warehouse for inspection. After your customer places an order in your store, we will directly pick, pack and ship the order for you. This can save a lot of processing time.

However, storing goods in China warehouses will save shipping and fulfillment time only in China. As stated above, some international shipping is also delayed during the Chinese New Year Festival. So it is more recommended to pre-order products to an overseas warehouse.

b. Overseas Warehouse

This is mostly recommended, as the overseas warehouse of Sup Dropshipping will store all the pre-ordered products, and ensure the logistics during the Spring Festival. There are multiple countries for sellers to choose from, and the goods can be delivered in 2-5 days.

In conclusion

There are challenges to sell during the Spring Festival due to the shortage of labor and shipping delays. But with proper strategies adoped, you may stand out from your competion and take your business to a higher level. Hope this article can be helpful for you.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Happy New Year and wish you a good sale in 2024!

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