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Dropshipping Case Study 4: How SupDropshipping Helped Me Turn into A

7-Figure Business by

Private Label Dropshipping ?

Note: To protect our customers' brands, we do not disclose any sensitive information about store names, brand logos, or solution details. Thank you for your understanding.


Pro-Services With SupDropshipping

SupDropshipping allows Robert to sell without holding inventory, which also means you have unlimited inventory at your disposal. That's why Robert started researching direct selling and got into SupDropshipping. Things were going well.

Slow Processing Of Orders
When Robert got many orders a day for his winning product, he was spending too much time processing the orders.

Slow Shipping Time

Robert found it it takes a long time for the package to arrive with Aliexpress, and sometimes the package is missing. As a result, he often has problems keeping up with order status.


Automated Applications

With our app installed, the whole process was streamlined. Posting sourcing requests, importing products and fulfilling orders require no more than several clicks.

Multiple Shipping Methods

Accounting to Robert's main shipping countries, we advise him to test different shipping options rather than just 1 or 2 shipping lines, for example like: DHL, PostNL to Europe, HKPost to CA & AU, USPS to USA, and especially the USPS shipping from china to USA, we turns into 10-25 days into 6-9 days from China to USA.


Orders can be sent normally without any delay. Robert's customers can now enjoy delivery in 2-5 days instead of waiting for weeks. Sales have increased again⬆.

" Hello guys my name is Robert. About a half year ago i started dropshipping, thats why i'm making this video to tell you about my experience with Supdropshipping. When i first started dropshipping, i started with aliexpress and Dser just like most of the dropshippers. But as you might know , its can take a long time to fulfill all the orders by yourself. Also if you don't upgrade it to the pro version, you have to do everything manually and it takes a long time. Also, the communications with supplier is really poor and stressful. I often get in problem with refunds and other stuff, but suppliers don't reply to you in time. It can also be a pain the the suppliers have a hard time tracking my shipment. It was also a problem when i take 2 to 3 hours to fulfill everything through Aliexpress and Dser. It really bothers me a lot when i spend all my energy and try to settle everythng down all by my self. So then i started looking for agents and sourcing ways to source my products and fulfill them. And then i came across Supdropshipping, and I send them a mail to ask if they would help me with all this and i was contacted from Supdropshipping. And the agent has been helping me out really good since i started working with them. Basically you connect your their appp to your website and thn everything will integrate. For example if i get an order, I'll just login to the app and click on certain buttons. Then all your orders get automatically sync. After that, you just have to pay and they just fulfill it and send them to your customers. So this is super usefull, super easy, its integrated like a normal app on your shopify page. Another thing is that if you want to scale your products you can order them in a bulk. And they will store your products in their warehouse so you can get wholesale discount. So when i started using this i was doing everything like one product at the time and then right now if i order in bulk because the the profits will goes up as the cost price goes down. So, if you using a sourcing agent, you will also save a lot comparing to using aliexpress all by yourself. Its very important if you want to find fulfillment agent like Supdropshipping because not all sourcing agent does a good job. But Supdropshipping will provide you more money to scale and a better customer service. Because Supdropshipping will asign a exculsive support manager only for you. The agent responds in time and he's thoughtful and careful. So I really recommend Supdropshipping to those people that are still struggling with Aliexpress. "





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