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Dropshipping Case Study 2: How I Boost My Business With SupDropshipping?

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Pro-Services With SupDropshipping

Like most affiliates, Simon started with AliExpress and Oberlo. When he found his first award-winning product and AliExpress couldn't keep up with his growth, he started looking for a direct selling agency and found us on YouTube.

Slow Processing Of Orders
When Simon was getting 50-60 orders a day for his winning product, he was spending too much time processing the orders.

Poor Communication With Suppliers

Simon found it difficult to communicate with AliExpress providers, and sometimes couldn't even get a response. As a result, he often had problems keeping up with order status and after-sales service.


Automated Application

After installing our application, the whole process is simplified. Issuing purchase requests, importing products, and fulfilling orders are just a few clicks away.

1 to 1 Customer Service

We have our agent to support Simon so he can get help from people who understand him when he has a problem.


Simon used to take 2-3 hours to process orders, but now orders can be synchronized and paid for with just a few clicks. By giving the task of product procurement to SupDropshipping, Simon no longer struggled to find capable suppliers. He was able to spend more time on marketing and pushing more sales into his stores ⬆.

" Hey guys I decided to make a video about my agent Supdropshipping, since i started using them my business got easier to manage and if you guys do drop from Aliexpress, I'm sure you know all the problem that can happen. And dealing with china has a lot of problems such as bad communication , long delivery time, price increase and so on. since i started using Supdropshipping my business got better, i have a personal agent who is available for me all the time. I just want to say thank you so much to my personal agent Coco. Also, since i started using them i got better rates for my product. And the delivery time is short. so if you want to upgrate your business, i will recommend you to start using Supdropshipping.

They made my business run smoothly and easy, if i encounter some issues with items, they immediately respond, they have great communication skill and very very good at what they are doing.

They have different shipping methods that gives you large choices when it comes to shipping, those shipping methods are really fast to every part of the world. "





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