Hi whasSUP! Today we are talking about dropshipping on one of the most trending short-video app, Tiktok.

Basically, it can be hard if you are just starting to dropship, but Sup Dropshipping can assist you with starting this business. Read along and find out how it happens!

When you sell on Tiktok, you need a Tiktok shop, but this is now only available in UK, US, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Singapore. If you are not located in these regions, you can still start your shop, but shipping can become your nightmare, as Tiktok defaults all sellers ship from local suppliers or warehouses.

Tiktok shop regions

There are 2 shipping types for Tiktok sellers: Ship by Tiktok, and Ship by Seller

Ship by Tiktok

If you choose this way, you as the seller will have to pack the product and hand it over to Tiktok appointed local shipper. For local dropshippers in the region, this is possible only if you purchase storage in advance, and wait for the shippers to knock at your door. But this will lead to your funds occupied, and have to pay more money on storage.

While for dropshippers not in the local region, this shipping type is very hard to adopt, unless you have warehouse in the region, and buy in advance. But once again, it will cost you much more than normal dropshipping.

Ship by Tiktok process

So technically, we don’t suggest dropshippers outside the region choose this shipping type, as this may cause many problems in actual operations.

Ship by Seller

Most dropshippers would choose this shipping type, just like Amazon FBM sellers. But choosing this shipping type does not mean you can easily use third-party shipping to take your orders from outside the region to your customer, as Tiktok have appointed local shipping partners.

tiktok appointed shipper UK

This is the Tiktok UK shop-approved carriers, while sellers in other regions shall check your own Tiktok seller academy for more information.

Shipping Requirements

Another problem most dropshippers will encounter is the shipping requirements from Tiktok. When you have got the shipping tracking number from your supplier or agent, please don’t forget to update it in your seller center, otherwide the order will be considered dispatched late. This will affect your store Late Dispatch Rate, and eventually affect your store traffic and sales.

Shipping requirements of Tiktok UK

The time limit for this is 4 business days in Tiktok Shop UK, while other regions can be even shorter, like the 2 business days in Asia selling regions. This can be hard to meet for dropshipping business model, as it will take at least 5 days for the fastest international delivery to arrive and scanned by local courier.

Sup can offer you another solution, which is purchasing from local warehouses. Sup is now offering US local collections which arrives within 2-4 days, and European local collections is also on the way!

Please leave your comment or contact us/chat if you have any questions regarding Tiktok dropshipping.