Logo Engraving & Custom Packaging

Logo Engraving & Custom Packaging service is for ddropshippers who wants customization logos or package for their product. Here is how is works.

1.Purchase custom packaging

2.Confirm your packaging

3.Submit your order

4.Make payment


6.Check your packaging

Step 1: Purchase custom packaging

Go to Pro Service > Custom Packaging > Packaging Store

packaging store

Here you can see bunches of packaging.


Step 2: Confirm your packaging

Choose the packaging you want and confirm packaging details, like the size and quantity.

Step 3: Submit your order

After you confirm your packaging, then you will need to submit your order. Otherwise, it won’t move on to the next step.


Step 4: Make payment

make payment

Step 5: Confirmation

Your packaging order will be considered as Purchase orders on Sup Dropshipping.

Go to My orders > Purchase orders > Pending


Our custom care will check your order and confirms it.

Step 6: Check your packaging

Go to Pro Services > Custom Packaging > My Packaging

Here you can check your packaging on My Packaging.