Product Sourcing can be rather easy with Sup Dropshipping. You don’t have to more detailed information of the product. Just a simple product image will do. Here is how it works:

1.Post Souring Request

2.Choose Sourcing Types

3.Add detailed information

4.Submit your request

Step 1: Post Sourcing Request

Go to Dashboard > Find product > Sourcing product > Post Sourcing Request

post sourcing

Step 2: Choose Sourcing Types

There are two ways to source products on Sup Dropshipping. One is to source from Store Existing Product, and the other one is to source from Individual Product.

As for Store Existing Product, you will need to select which store the product is in.

Click on Sync, all products in your store will be listed down below. Therefore, you will need the product tag and product name to narrow it down.

Choose what you want to source and submit your request. And your request will be on the list.

Store Existing Product

As for Individual Product, you will need to add more details to it.

  • Upload product image.
  • Fill in Product Tag and Product Name.
  • Give your target price and destination country.
  • If you have idea on quantity, choose Bulk Purchasing. If not, choose Dropshipping.
  • Paste related web links of your product, no matter it comes from online stores or some links like google.
  • Submit your request.

Then your request will go to the list.