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Dropshipping Case Study 3: How I Boost My Business With SupDropshipping?

Note: To protect our customers' brands, we do not disclose any sensitive information about store names, brand logos, or solution details. Thank you for your understanding.


Pro-Services With SupDropshipping

John was trying to deliver private label office products on his own, and tried to solve the problem of slow delivery and poor product quality when they were selling directly from Express before he meet SupDropshipping

Poor Product Quality
When John did Dropshipping in AliExpress, there was no quality control and communication was not very good. If the product quality was not good, his customers would complain a lot. Some customers asked for change or refund, which was very bad for the enterprise.

No Brand Presence

This is very common for most direct selling business owners because the direct selling business model is simply to buy from AliExpress and sell at a higher price on Shopify, and AliExpress direct stores do not offer customized packaging services.

Long Shipping Time

John's store is DropShipping of AliExpress. The problem with their mail is that it takes a long time to process and transport, because most of the outlet stores of AliExpress also cooperate with factories in direct sales mode.


Find A New Factory

After the project started, we visited different factories and asked them to do sample approval. The results showed that the quality was much better than that of the previous AliExpress suppliers. We also helped our customers reduce the price by 40%, which greatly improved their profit margin.

Customize Packaging

We asked the customer for the logo and designed a new box for the product, and the results were amazing, beautiful, and we found the product cover solution, the delivery bag solution, and turned an outlet into a full brand outlet in just a few months.

Multiple Shipping Methods

Considering John's main transport country/region, we suggest that he test different transport options rather than just 1 or 2 transport routes, such as: DHL, PostNL to Europe, HKPost to CA and AU, USPS to USA, especially from USPS to transport China to USA, our 10-25 days from China to USA became 6-9 days.


John used to take ages to process orders, but now orders can be synchronized and paid for with just a few clicks. By giving the task of product procurement to SupDropshipping, John no longer struggled to find capable suppliers. He was able to spend more time on marketing and pushing more sales into his stores ⬆.

" Hello! guys, my name is John I have been in the dropshipping industry for 2 years and in the beginning i was using plateform like Aliexpress and other plateform to fulfill my orders but when i started getting many orders i wanted to have great communication, faster shipping and great cutomer support and that wasn't the case with Aliexpress and most of the other plateform. so i decided to do a lot of research and i ended up finding SupDropshipping and since, i have been very happy because they are more in control and they master their domain. You see exactly with every details how your orders are being fulfill, when they pack your order, when they send your order, when your orders arrived and you can hold stock in one of their worldwild warehouses which is for free, so you can just buy a bulk of the products you are selling and have it in one of their warehouse and also have them ship very fast. Comparing to Aliexpress and other platform, SupDropshipping is way much better, also they have a lot of services that you can enjoy to take your business to another level. Like me, whenever i'm testing products or looking for another product and as soon i find the product that i want to test, SupDropshipping sourcing team will look for my product and usually within one or two days but sometimes within a few hours they find the product that i'm looking for at the factory and they come out with the price and shipping cost. The price per unit is always cheaper than Aliexpress that's really good and then i can send it to my customers. They have much quicker shipping times than Aliexpress and as i said you are more in control, you see everything thats happening. The support service team are amazing, if there is an order that is not being process because its stuck somewhere, they will make sure that the person in charge to handle that order is notified and being rushed to ship the order on time. They will put you in contact with other department like the pre sales department in order for you to get solution on what you are facing more faster. They are very helpful and always respond to your text or call, of course with every agent there is something that may happen in one way or another but i never had any bad experience with SupDropshipping, also when the package doesn't arrive they send back a new one for free and you have to wait a little bit until the shipping time is really too much or if the product is broken or its a wrong product they always send a new one free of charge which is i think a great service. "





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