Generally, our Fulfillment Fee = Product Cost + WHF + Shipping Cost. Warehouse Storage Fee will be calculated based on volume and storage period etc, most merchants that operate properly won’t have to pay this. Additional services are to be priced according to specific requests.

Below is our pricing chart for order fulfilment. If anything changes, we will make updates here in time.

Product cost refers to the product price on the listing, varied according to different warehouse, and shipping cost also will be different, as shown below.

product cost

Warehouse Handling Fee(WHF)

WeightPrice for Per item

Shipping cost is shown after you click “Buy it now” button on the product page, calculated according to your destination country.

WSF(Warehouse Storage Fee)

Price Conditions
FREEThe first 90 days for new customers
$0.8/CBM/DayAfter the first 90 days for new customers
FREEDaily processing on the SKU is over 50 orders and monthly turn over rate is above 50%

Here are the fees for custom packging services, such as repacking, labelling, etc. To order these services, please check the tutorial and contact your dedicated assistant.

Repack with custom packagingRepack with your customized packaging box, bag, tape or hanging tag.$0.5/item
Add customized neck labelsSew in your customized neck labels.$1.0/item
Strengthen packagingStrength packaging of your products with bubble wrap, air column cushion bag, or thick cardboard box.Charged accordingly

Service Fee: $0.2/item generally

This rate is negotiable according to specifications and quantity of your products.

If you need this service, please contact your dedicated assistant.

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