• May 7, 2024

How to Use Coins on AliExpress: Practical Guide in 2024

If you’ve ever used AliExpress as a regular consumer or a business trying to procure products, you’ve likely noticed the coins AliExpress gives out or promotes to be a money-saving incentive.

At first, these coins can be a little confusing, but when you start to learn a bit more about them, you’ll realize that they actually make the AliExpress shopping experience more rewarding.

In this post, I’ll share everything I know about AliExpress coins, including what they are, how much they’re worth, and how you can leverage them to save money when purchasing from AliExpress. 

What are AliExpress coins? 

AliExpress coins are a virtual currency that is exclusively tied to the AliExpress platform

One of the easiest ways to understand how they work is to compare them to the money used in Monopoly games.

Just like Monopoly bills are crucial inside the game but actually lack real-world value, AliExpress coins allow you to transact inside AliExpress but can’t actually be directly converted to cash. 

So, does this mean coins in AliExpress are useless?

Absolutely not. 

Sure– AliExpress coins may not be directly convertible to cash. However, they can help you save real money, as they’ll reduce how much you need to pay for certain products in AliExpress.

They may be worth nothing outside AliExpress, but inside this eCommerce platform, they’re as good, or even better, than real cash. 

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How much are AliExpress coins worth?

how much does Aliexpress coins worth
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The official value of each AliExpress coin is $0.01, which means you’ll need to accumulate 100 coins to reach a value of $1. 

Now, I know this might sound small. 

But considering that AliExpress gives out as many as 70 coins each time you engage in activities like checking in or completing simple tasks such as playing games, it can actually take very little time to accumulate tens of dollars worth of AliExpress coins. 

Moreover, keep in mind that $0.01 per coin is not the fixed value of AliExpress coins. 

Depending on how you utilize your coins, each of them might cost $0.02 or even higher, especially if there are numerous promos or events happening.

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How to Use Coins on Aliexpress: 2 methods 

AliExpress coins are just as valuable as cash inside the platform, but if you don’t use them, they won’t actually amount to anything. 

In fact, they might even expire before you get the chance to redeem them. So, to make the most of your AliExpress shopping experience, utilize AliExpress coins through the methods below.

Lower product prices 

Lower product prices 

The primary way to use AliExpress coins is to directly use them to enjoy lower product prices. However, the process of doing this is slightly different from your usual product purchasing flow.

To be specific, when you open the AliExpress app, don’t hop straight to finding the products you want to buy. 

Here’s what you’d want to do: 

  1. Tap the “Coins” button, which is located at the top-left portion of your homepage.
  2. Check the products eligible for coin-induced discounts below your daily log-in streak.
  3. Purchase any of the items shown to have the option to deduct the value of your coins from the original price.

Note: For these discounts, AliExpress coins almost always cost $0.01 each.

Exchange coins for coupons (not always available) 

AliExpress coins can also be converted to coupons that you can then use as cash alternatives when buying from stores inside the platform. 

Now, there are two types of coupons inside AliExpress:

  • AliExpress coupons: These apply to all stores and orders inside the platform but typically expire after 7 days. 
  • Store coupons: These can only be used for the specific store the coupon is from. The terms and conditions of these coupons depend on the seller.

Note: There’s a monthly limit to how many coupons each customer can obtain using coins per month. 

Disclaimer: AliExpress’ pages still acknowledge that coins can be converted to coupons, but for the past few months of using the app, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. However, there’s no telling when this feature will be available again, so I still decided to include this method in the post.

Ways to earn AliExpress coins

It’s pretty clear by now that AliExpress coins are definitely money-savers, even if they’re not convertible to cash. Luckily, there are multiple ways to earn these coins inside the AliExpress app. 

Daily check-in

Daily check-in

Most of us have probably earned our first AliExpress coins through the app’s daily check-in. 

It’s the easiest way to earn AliExpress coins as you literally just have to open the app with your account logged in, and you’ll earn anywhere from 20 coins to 70 coins (or maybe even more) every day. 

If you’re serious about earning AliExpress coins, you should definitely take advantage of these daily check-ins. 

Open the AliExpress app every day, even if you don’t plan to purchase anything, so you don’t miss out on the free coins!

You may even set a reminder to do this, but I personally find that to be a little bit too extreme for my liking.

Playing games 

Play games to earn more coins

If you haven’t noticed it already, AliExpress actually hosts simple games inside its shopping platform. Not only can these games be a fun way to pass the time, but they’ll actually help you earn more coins!

To be totally honest, these games don’t exactly have that WOW factor.

But they do reward you with coins for playing and completing simple tasks, so if you want to enjoy further discounts inside AliExpress, definitely check out the platform’s games.

Heads up: The games inside AliExpress often vary. 

However, you can expect to find two types of games inside this app: the first type is casual or games that are just for fun to play, while the other type refers to games that allow you to “gamble” your existing coins to potentially earn more.

Task completion 

complete tasks to get more coins
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AliExpress also allows users to earn extra coins by completing simple tasks such as searching a keyword, exploring sponsored items, and browsing limited offers. 

To know exactly which tasks you have to do to earn coins, just go to the “Coins” section of your AliExpress app again and tap the “Earn more coins” button. 

As you’ll see, these tasks only pay anywhere from 1 to 10 coins most of the time. But if you complete all of them, you’d still be bagging at least 20 more AliExpress coins for the day. 

Occasional promotions 

promotions to get more coins

It’s no secret that AliExpress LOVES fancy events and promotions. Often, during these types of events, you’ll have the chance to earn more coins by following actions such as adding special items to your cart. 

Don’t worry; you don’t need to buy the items to earn AliExpress coins this way. Just think of this process as the platform’s way of tempting you to hit that purchase button. 

Reasons why AliExpress gives out free coins 

Ever wondered why AliExpress is so generous in giving away its coins? These are some of the most notable reasons. 

Keeps customers coming back to the app

Like most mobile applications, it’s in AliExpress’s best interest to consistently make customers open its app and stay for as long as possible. 

But here’s the thing– many of us don’t exactly browse shopping apps if we don’t have something we want to buy.

AliExpress knows this fact, so it had to come up with a way to keep users engaged with its app, even if they aren’t planning to make a purchase, and that’s none other than giving away free “cash-like” coins.

After all, nobody hates free stuff, right? 

Offering users free coins every time customers open the app helps AliExpress solidify its presence and encourages users to keep coming back.

And, whether you, as a customer, like it or not, once you’re inside the AliExpress app, it’s pretty hard to ignore the enticing discount deals flashing in bright colors with a ticking countdown. Especially since these offers are tailored to match the products you’re interested in.

Encourages on-the-spot purchases 

encourage on the spot purchases
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You likely already know this, but most users’ purchasing decisions are affected by whether they can save money or not. And guess what– the more coins you have, the higher the discount rates you’ll see inside AliExpress! 

This is one of the reasons why some of my friends hate AliExpress coins. Because think about it: they might save you money on specific purchases, but they inevitably tempt you into purchasing items you might’ve not even wanted or needed in the first place.

As a consumer, spending more money than necessary can be a little annoying, but AliExpress absolutely relishes this idea. 

Increases the app’s reach 

I’ve mentioned that one of the methods to earn AliExpress coins is to complete simple tasks within the app, right?

Well, sometimes, those tasks include sending out referral links to invite others to join the platform. In fact, doing this not only lets you earn several coins, but it can also help you earn as much as $5 worth of coupons for each person you invite to use the app, provided that you live in eligible countries.

From AliExpress’ perspective, giving out several dollars is worth it if they can acquire another loyal platform user, who may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long term.

Entertains users 

If you were to choose between shopping from a small mall that exclusively hosts retail spaces or a large complex platform that combines entertainment spaces and shopping options, which one would you choose?

Most of us would choose the latter. Because even if our primary goal in visiting the mall is to shop, we never really know when we’ll get bored of shopping and want to have fun instead.  

On that note, by offering free coins, AliExpress creates an entertainment outlet for its users. 

The thought of receiving free money typically triggers dopamine, which is the happy chemical that users must experience for them to keep wanting to stay inside a mall or an app.

Makes shopping feel more rewarding

Makes shopping feel more rewarding
Source: Pexels

Purchasing items always means you’ll be taking away money from your bank account. 

And if all you see when you shop in AliExpress are negatives in your bank statement, chances are, sooner or later, you might come to the realization that you should limit your spending to save money. 

Of course, shopping apps never want you to realize this fact. 

So, while it may be impossible to “never” remind you that you’re spending hella huge amounts when shopping online, AliExpress at least tries to take your mind away from how much you’re actually spending by pushing the narrative that you’re saving more money instead.

Take this deal for example: 

“With your current coins, you can save 70% off the regular price!”

Sounds like a huge steal, right? You likely won’t notice that you’d still be spending 30% of the original price, which can still amount to tens or hundreds of dollars. 

The perception of how much you’ll save totally outweighs the fact that you’ll soon need to spend money, which is why AliExpress will always offer free coins to entice you.

Is collecting AliExpress coins worth it?

I personally think that everyone should utilize the AliExpress coins that they already have to save money when buying from AliExpress.

However, whether it’s worth it to do extra tasks, such as playing games or completing simple actions, to maximize your coins’ earnings will depend from one person to another.

If you ask me, I’d say it’s not worth the trouble to complete every activity just to earn AliExpress coins. Sure, I log in to the app every day to earn 20 to 70 free coins, but that’s pretty much it. 

Even if you complete all tasks every day, the most AliExpress coins you might earn will only be worth a couple of dollars. So, I’d rather spend that time focusing on my legitimate, money making businesses instead, such as dropshipping or selling print-on-demand products.

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