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Why Is Aliexpress So Cheap? 7 Reasons Behind The Low Price

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Why Is Aliexpress So Cheap

Aliexpress is a well-known online marketplace based in China. It provides a wide range of products from electronics to clothing and fashion accessories. Most importantly, the majority of products are at incredibly low prices. For example, a humidifier costs $1.99, and a nice T-shirt needs only $0.99.

Why is Aliexpress so cheap? Is it safe to buy from?

In this article, we will share with you the secrets behind the low prices on Aliexpress.

Let’s dive in.

7 Reasons why Aliexpress is so cheap

Stuff on Aliexpress is so cheap. It’s hard for you not to shout out a “wow!” if you often used to look at products on Amazon.

There are several reasons to explain the affordability of Aliexpress items.

1. You buy from a manufacturer or a wholesaler

You buy from a manufacturer or a wholesaler
Source: envato

Aliexpress is a business-to-consumer marketplace. In this marketplace, most stores are set up by Chinese manufacturers or wholesalers who buy in bulk from manufacturers. Once they produce or prepare products in their warehouse, they begin to sell them. Therefore, the whole process is made simple, middle costs are cut, and the price can be much lower.

2. Aliexpress offers discounts & coupons to attract customers

Aliexpress offers welcome discounts for new users
Aliexpress offers welcome discounts to new users

The competition in eCommerce is fierce. Online marketplaces like Aliexpress have to implement various marketing strategies to attract customers. Offering discounts and coupons to new users is one of the effective strategies to entice purchases.
After you create a buyer account, Aliexpress gives you a welcome coupon or discount on selected products. This platform also provides great deals during a holiday event.

3. Sellers set a lower price to stand out from the competition

AliExpress sellers set a low price to stand out from the competition.
Source: envato

One of the reasons why Aliexpress is so cheap is that sellers price their products low to stand out from the competition. As there are more and more sellers joining Aliexpress, competition in this marketplace has been increasing day by day. For many sellers, setting a low price is a way to capture customers’ attention and drive sales. So you can often see products at the price of between $1 and $2 on this platform.

4. The sellers offer discounts to increase sales

AliExpress sellers set discounts to increase sales.

Source: envato

Offering discounts can be a marketing method and prove effective on shopping websites. Thus, many Aliexpress sellers set discounts to increase sales. They usually offer customers a 2%-15% discount or a $1-$10 coupon.

These sellers provide bulk discounts as well. If you purchase in bulk at one time, they will give you a big discount on your order. This information may not be displayed on the storefront sometimes, but the seller will be pleased to offer you a discount when you contact them.

5. Low to zero shipping cost

Some shipping methods on Aliexpress
Some shipping methods on Aliexpress

On Aliexpress, most sellers offer free shipping services. Though they may add the shipping cost on top of the product price, the total price is still low. This is because AliExpress sellers can get lower shipping costs from logistics companies under the Alibaba Group. The drawback is that your customers may need to wait for 2-3 weeks to receive their orders.

6. Low production costs in China

Most of products on AliExpress are made in China.

There are over 100 million items on Aliexpress, and most of them are made in China. In comparison with the US and Europe, the cost of production materials and labor is low in China. Furthermore, many sellers are located near factories. They don’t need to spend a lot on the transportation. Mass production in the factory also helps reduce the cost per item. So they can get their products at a super low cost. Even if they set a low price for their product, they can still turn a profit in the end.

7. Small and medium-sized enterprises on Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a selling platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. The mission of this platform is to assist businesses of such scales to succeed. This means that most brands on Aliexpress are not established as Apple, Zara, and Adidas. They can be not eligible to charge a premium for their brand recognition. As a result, their products are not as expensive as those you see from a popular brand on Amazon or other marketplaces.

Is it safe to buy from Aliexpress?

It is tempting to connect a cheap product with bad quality and a scam, especially when you buy online. However, Aliexpress is legit and safe to buy from in most cases.

Aliexpress is one of the leading eCommerce platforms around the world. It is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group, which is one of the world’s largest retailers and e-commerce companies.

Aliexpress launched the Buyer Protection Program to safeguard your payments

Aliexpress provides buyer protection to ensure you stay safe when shopping. You can request a refund within 90 days of the purchase if you encounter the following problems.

  • what you receive is not as it is described or presented on the detail page
  • The item you receive is damaged or defective
  • The item is not delivered within the estimated delivery date or it doesn’t arrive

The buyer protection program adds a layer of security to transactions on this marketplace. So it is safe to order from Aliexpress.

How to avoid scams on Aliexpress?

Avoid scams on Aliexpress
Source: envato

Almost everything on Aliexpress is cheap. Though the price doesn’t necessarily suggest a scam, you still need to exercise caution when you buy something.

Aliexpress is only an intermediary between sellers and buyers. The majority of sellers on this platform are trustworthy, but some may not. Scams can still occur like on other marketplaces.

Here are some proven tips to help you avoid scams from unreliable sellers.

1. Read the product description carefully before the purchase

In this fast-paced time, it is easy to make a purchase decision with a glance at the product title and photos. But you had better read the product description carefully to ensure you get what you expect.

The description on a detailed page can offer more information about the product, such as its specifications, features, how-to guide, and refund & return policy. Some unscrupulous sellers play tricks on you with titles or photos. If you read the description, you may find that the product is not totally as the title depicts or the photo displays.

2. Check the seller’s rating and company profile

The seller rating provides insights into the seller’s services and product quality. A rating of 4.5 or higher out of 5 usually suggests this seller is reliable.

The seller’s company profile can also give you a hint about whether you should work with them. A reputable seller may have the badge such as “Gold” and “AliExpress’ Choice” on the profile. And these sellers often have at least 3 years’ experience in the industry and own a ton of followers.

3. Check product reviews

Product reviews give more details about the product quality and the shopping experiences of previous buyers. Some sellers claim they sell the best items at a low price. But chances are that their items are not the same as described or their service sucks. This is where product reviews come in. You can get a clue about what the product really looks like through the photos and feedback from other buyers. However, take negative reviews with a grain of salt. Because there could be fake reviews from competitors of the seller. Just be sure to leave a page when you find the product has a high rate of negative reviews.

4. Be aware of products that are too cheap

Someone may come across a product that is extremely low-priced and still very good. But chances are you won’t be this guy.

Most often, products that are too cheap can be not as good as it is described on the website. Sometimes, you may get another item instead of what you order. It would be a waste of time to negotiate with your supplier and ask for a refund then.

5. Be careful with branded products

Search with “Zara” and you can't find the official store on Aliexpress

There are not many well-known brands on Aliexpress. If you find a pair of Nike shoes, it is probably a counterfeit. Importing such products to resell in your store will cause intellectual property infringement issues.

6. Buy a sample before you place a big order

It seems a hassle to order samples before placing a bid order. But it will pay off in the end. By buying samples, you will know if the product meets your expectations in terms of quality, appearance, and functions. Also, you can have an idea of how long it actually takes for delivery. Meanwhile, you can find out whether the supplier can solve your problem in a timely and proper manner.

7. Check the product carefully upon delivery

One effective tip to avoid scams on Aliexpress is to check the item upon delivery. Once your package arrives, take the time to inspect the product carefully and ensure it matches the description provided by the seller. Check for any damages, defects, or discrepancies in size, color, or specifications. If there are any issues or if the item does not meet your expectations, promptly contact the seller and initiate a dispute through AliExpress’s buyer protection program.

8. Don’t make deals with a seller outside of Aliexpress

Some unreliable sellers may entice you to make deals with them outside of Aliexpress. Don’t do that whatever they say. Instead, always stick to making purchases through the Aliexpress website or app.

Aliexpress only protects your transactions and handles disputes on this platform. Reputable sellers won’t ask you to do business with them privately. Avoid engaging with sellers who try to take the transaction off-site or ask for personal information via email or other communication channels.

9. Work with a sourcing expertise

Sup Dropshipping homepage

If you want to source products from Aliexpress, the easiest way is to collaborate with a sourcing expertise like Sup Dropshipping.

With years of sourcing experience, we are able to find high quality products from reliable suppliers efficiently. Our negotiation skills allow you to get your desired products at the most affordable prices.

If you would like to source Aliexpress products by yourself, our Chrome extension is helpful to streamline the sourcing process. With a few clicks, you can find similar products at a lower price.

Find better priced products with Sup Dropshipping
Find better priced products with Sup Dropshipping


1. Is it safe to buy from Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is a legitimate company and safe to use in most cases. However, some sellers on this platform may not be trustworthy. You should apply the effective tips we provide to stay safe from scams when buying on Aliexpress.

2. Why is Aliexpress so cheap to buy?

AliExpress is so cheap due to several factors.
First, most products are manufactured in China, where labor and production costs can be lower than in other countries. Mass production further reduces the cost per unit.
Additionally, AliExpress connects consumers directly with manufacturers and wholesalers, cutting out multiple intermediaries. When you buy in bulk, you can get discounts or coupons on selected products.
Furthermore, products on AliExpress are often from not well-known brands, which can also contribute to lower prices.

3. Are products on Aliexpress of good quality?

The majority of products on AliExpress are high-quality or meet the standard. But there are still lower-quality or counterfeit products available. You should read the product description and reviews carefully before the purchase. Checking the seller ratings and company file to find a reliable seller. If possible, buy a sample to find out whether a product meets your expectations and whether the seller’s service is satisfying.

4. Are there other sites as cheap as Aliexpress?

Yes, there are other websites similar to AliExpress that offer competitively priced products. Some popular alternatives include Temu, Alibaba, Banggood, and DHgate. Each platform may have its advantages and disadvantages. We made a detailed comparison between Aliexpress and these alternatives. You can read our comparison guides to make an informed decision.

5. Why is Aliexpress cheaper than Amazon?

AliExpress is cheaper than Amazon for several reasons. One reason is the difference in business models. AliExpress primarily operates as a marketplace connecting buyers directly with sellers, while Amazon sells products directly and also offers a fulfillment service. This difference can affect their pricing strategy. In addition, as mentioned earlier, most products on AliExpress come from Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers. These goods have lower production costs.


Now you have known why stuff on Aliexpress is so cheap. To buy from Aliexpress safely, you still need some strategic tips. The easiest way is to work with Sup Dropshipping so you can be free from any potential scams and source better products at the most affordable prices.

Ready to start your journey with Sup? Now is the best time.

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  1. Fernando Avatar

    Siento que están en lo justo por el cobro de algunos envíos, pero en otros siento que es demasiado, por ejemplo, en el envío de amplificadores de audio, comprendo que son pesados.

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Hola Fernando, estoy de acuerdo contigo en que la tarifa de envío de la mayoría de los productos es buena, aunque Sup Dropshipping puede ofrecer precios aún mejores.
      Los productos como los amplificadores son electrónicos y magnéticos, también muy pesados. Es por eso que el envío es muy alto y generalmente no sugerimos vender.
      Consulte esta publicación para ver más productos que no se recomiendan.

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    Solange Mesquita Vieira

    Comprei 2 pratos de qualidade e que me custou quase R$ 300.00( trezentos reais ) e recebi no lugar…uma capa de plástico de celular.Prometeram o ree.bolso e nunca enviaram .Como proceder?perdi a confiança no Ali Express

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Olá, você pode usar o link deste post para fazer uma reclamação ao Aliexpress. Mas para evitar fraudes, você pode ser mais cauteloso ou encontrar outras fontes para comprar, como Sup Dropshipping.

      1. Fátima Avatar

        Tudo bem , o que eu quero referir é que em Portugal a aplicação está péssima , só descarregam trapos velhos que já têm três e quatro sem beleza ou qualidade , a roupa de grife desapareceu por completo , não há um único item que jeitinho tenha , só nulidades a Empresa está a perder bastantes clientes , eu também vou deixar de comprar , não têm nada a oferecer é uma pena, so se vê quem gerência não tem Marketing de vendas
        Está beá . gerido não esta, só incompetência.

        1. Jack Han Avatar
          Jack Han

          Olá Fátima,
          Obrigado por compartilhar sua experiência. Os vendedores do Aliexpress às ​​vezes oferecem produtos não tão competitivos. Você pode verificar com outros vendedores e tentar encontrar produtos mais satisfatórios.

          1. Sonia Patricia Coronado Valencia Avatar
            Sonia Patricia Coronado Valencia

            Compré y no me llegó el pedido, estuve revisando y de repente dijo que ya había sido enviado dos veces sin exito y que ya se había pasado el tiempo para pedir una devolución

          2. Jack Han Avatar
            Jack Han

            Gracias por compartir tu experiencia y lamento escuchar eso.
            Puede intentar ponerse en contacto con el servicio de atención al cliente de Aliexpress y solicitar un reembolso.
            Tenga más cuidado al consultar las reseñas de los vendedores.

        2. Magdo Avatar

          Num suivi
          CNFR 9010141614455 HD
          Aliexpress c’est des voleurs, les livreurs de leur transporteur Cainiao font semblant de livré votre colis qu’ils repartent avec.
          Je suis coupable de cette expérience depuis le 04 juin 2024 et j’attends mon remboursement.
          Je les ai écris sur Truspilot, ils m’ont répondu sur le site le 2 juillet me disant d’attendre 24h et que je serai remboursé intégralement.
          J’attends toujours.
          Mais je n’abandonnerai pas.
          A bon entendeur.

          1. Jack Han Avatar
            Jack Han

            Bonjour, merci d’avoir partagé votre expérience. Un accident se produit lorsque certains colis sont manquants ou volés, mais il est important que les vendeurs remboursent ou renvoient.

      2. Jerzy Avatar

        Zostałem naciągnięty na
        141.25zł w ramach promocji i cisza Pierwszy raz czytam ten artykuł

        1. Jack Han Avatar
          Jack Han

          Witaj Jerzy,
          Pamiętaj, aby zwrócić uwagę przed zakupem jakichkolwiek produktów, w tym artykułów promocyjnych.

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    es barato por las ofertas son con articulos incompletos en su funcion ,el software de una camara es basico por eso es barato pero lo promocionan como full.cuando tienes el articulo en tus manos te das cuenta q no cumple ni hace ni entrega lo q dice la propaganda ademas con unas instrucciones en ingles q no corresponden al articulo ,tu preguntas y la unica solucion q dan devuelvalo o hable con el productor ,este solo pregunta y pregunta y no da respuesta por q sabe q la hay solot dicen te adulan en felicitacios y saludos y evaden el problema.

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Hola, gracias por compartir tu experiencia.
      Esperamos que los productos y servicios de Temu mejoren en el futuro.

  4. isidro Avatar

    Hola compre un celular, el cual llego con la pila dañada y no permitía realizar actualizaciones meta disputa y al final llegue en un acuerdo con el vendedor y retire la disputa, retirando la disputa el vendedor no cumplió con lo acordado, sugiero que Aliexpress siga los acurdos para que los hagan valer con los proveedores

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Hola y gracias por compartir tu experiencia. Es un servicio realmente malo y es una buena idea ponerse en contacto con Aliexpress en lugar de con el vendedor.

  5. Ilak Avatar

    I have buy some items, very often and
    – Many had parts missing
    – Many package are come with damaged

    – i havennt see thé missing parts in thé first days so

    Garanty wasn’t efficient on aliexpress

    You says it’s 90 days ? No. It’s only 15 days.

    I had ever honest and more than few Times consumer service had close my dispute
    ➡️ thé consumer service says « yes «  at all but for refund it’s at thé end : no refund. But they ever said « yes « 

    I had buy some product we had at thé bad size. I had contact thé selller, thé seller said me open dispute and return product. i had return package thé first time it was ok, i had refund.but thé 3st time thé package had stollen and me … i had never refund …

    But thé seller havé ever same description with size 30 cm /12 pouces but thé seller send ever thé bad size … and i had contact aliexpress but no one had do something for this issue. Seller send ever bad size.

    Anothers times i had never refund : i had ever honest but consumer service write and read in english and i have and they choose who is honest or not
    ➡️ they says ever thé consumer havé a bad reason for ask dispute. (Or thé most of time they think consumer are not honest and they close thé dispute …)

    I buy Many Many Many Many on this site but the consumer service was ever for seller rather than temu who speak FRENCH and who understand when we are honest ..

    Aliexpress and his bad opinion of consumer are a very issue for long time relation …

    I hope they will up their consumer service because i love ali but ali are less efficient and honest with consumer and it’s really … disappoin ..

    Sometimes they are false comment (not thé most bit ..sometimes it’s a problèm…..

    But when they are no issue it’s good … when we can buy without defect or without post issue/damage …

    Also : they are often Many error on thé count of reduction when they are Many item or more than a amount and i had contact them but no one at thé service had understand what i want said them … i have try 3 x for one hour at each time but thé people says to me it was me i dont’ know counting …. But i was them informatic system and never had résolve …

    But îm disappointed because i like aliepress .. i found on thé site some items not possible to find in other place ….

    I would like aliexpress will be come better on their consumer service rather than temu and it will be perfect ….

    And they have another issue : when we want buy an item they often had description for an item big but when we receive we receive a little item ….

    Please : can you update : aliexpress have only 15 days of consumer protection

    ➡️ it’s TEMU who have 90 days for return free. Thanks

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Bonjour! Thank you for your correction and sharing your stories!
      I have checked the Aliexpress policy page to confirm and have revised it.
      Hope you have better shopping experience with Aliexpress, and you may also check other marketplaces like Temu and Shein.

  6. Dina Avatar

    Bueno yo realice una compra de unos parlantes Charger 5

    Me estafaron los parlantes eran de mala calidad. Presente mi reclamo me dijieron que esperara 15 días
    para el reembolsoo ..esperee y cuando se cumplió los 15 días. Me bloquearon

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Hola Dina,
      ¡Me siento tan triste al escuchar eso!
      Los vendedores de Aliexpress a veces no son tan confiables en cuanto a los servicios posventa.
      Entonces, ¿por qué no intentar comprarle a Sup?

  7. Roberto Avatar

    Ho comprato diversi prodotti, da diversi venditori su aliexpress. Parte degli articoli mi sono arrivati, mentre altri no. Probabilmente, il problema è nella logistica. Ovvero, i venditori inviano il prodotto richiesto con l’id dell’ordine, ma al momento di confezionare il pacco da spedire, presso la logistica avviene l’errore. Inutile protestare, ma poi con chi protestare? Il venditore non ha colpa alcuna. Aliexpress, non risponde e nemmeno c è la possibilità di contattare qualche operatore umano, se non un robot, che alla fine ti dice:prenderemo in considerazione il tuo caso…. e poi niente di fatto. Tutto cade nel dimenticatoio. Il venditore ha guadagnato, aliexpress ha guadagnato, ed io ho perso!!! Mai più acquisterò su aliexpress!!!

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Ciao Roberto,
      Grazie per aver condiviso la tua esperienza con noi.
      Aliexpress dovrebbe davvero migliorare le indagini sui commercianti e i servizi post-vendita. Suggerimenti per chiunque desideri acquistare da Aliexpress, controlla le recensioni prima di effettuare acquisti.



    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Consulte esta publicación para saber cómo realizar un seguimiento de sus pedidos de Aliexpress.

  9. DARRIGADE Avatar

    Je reçois des publicités mensongères par mail EXMPLE : chemisier à 3,50 € lorsque j’appuie sur la photo il est à 6 ou 7 €. D’autre part, les frais de port doublent ou même triplent les petits prix. ATTENTION regardez le montant des frais de port AVANT DE PAYER.

    1. Jack Han Avatar
      Jack Han

      Merci d’avoir partagé votre expérience, et c’est certainement l’un des facteurs auxquels nous devons tous faire attention avant d’acheter chez Aliexpress.

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